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Welcome to Horba "Seestadt-Laketown" You'll see why that's funny
My dad got a kick out of this place. When you drive into town you are greeted by the sign "Seestadt Horba" which means town by a lake. Well, so we decided to visit this lake. It was a little strange since we had been driving uphill for quite some time and we had reached the top of this "mountain".  So after a 45 second drive you're in the heart of town. It's gorgeous. The houses are nicely remodeled. The yards are full of flowers in all colors emaginable. Then you get to the "Lake". I actually laughed out loud when I saw it. It's a pond, a buddle, a....  you catch my drift.
Still, you can tell that the people of this town are very proud of there lake. It's basically the town square. I wonder if the townsmen show up in swim trunks when they have a town meeting.  *lol*
Anyhow. I thought it was neat so I took some pictures. Not a touristy hot spot but nice non the less.
missandrea81 says:
Yes! Yes, they are. I thought the advertisement at the edge of the city quite funny since it is maybe 600 feet from the actual lake.
Posted on: Jan 06, 2013
spocklogic says:
This is quite funny, Andrea, and they seem quite proud of their 'Lake'.
Posted on: Jan 05, 2013
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Welcome to Horba Seestadt-Laketow…
Welcome to Horba "Seestadt-Laketo…
The Lake
The "Lake"
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Map of Horba and Koengisee
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Someone built a little raft to ge…
photo by: missandrea81
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