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So the trip to Denia also turned out to be a bit of a mission.

We got the bus to the airport from Granada...all good the bus arrived to pick us up 10 minutes late but took 10 minutes shorter that we thought it was....all good.  When we went to check in we were told that our flight was delayed by 1 hour 15.....not too bad.  We had to change planes in Barcelona ( if anyone knows spanish geography....just don´t ask!!) and then flight was on time....but didn´t board until the time we were supposed to leave and then sat on the tarmac ready to go....for half an idea why!

When we go into Alicante we got on a bus to problem there....but when we got to the bus station in Benidorm...information told John there was no bus to Denia...although the info screens said that there was!!  So we went to the ticket office and they sold us a ticket for the bus on the screen, then we waited....40 minutes after the bus we bought the ticket for...still no is nearly 10pm at night now so we were debating what to do when another bus rocked up...which said Denia.  I asked the driver (in Spanglish) and he shook his head and pointed to the route, making arm motions as if to say that the bus we had bought a ticket for went a really long way to Denia....hmmm great!

But he must have had a change of heart and after he told us no, he took our bags and drove us to Denia...excellent!!

Upon arrival we had no map and weren´t sure how to get to our accomodation, so John jumped on the internet at an internet cafe which ended with the guy who ran the internet driving us to our hotel, again, excellent!

On the way to the beach the next day....we found out that there was a bit of a fiesta hapenning and they were running bulls to and at the beach.  I am normally against the cruelty of this kind of thing....but decided to embrace to local form of entertainment.  It consisted of a bull ring with bars around the outside for people to taunt the bull and then hide behind and various platforms for the same.  But I was pleasantly surprised that the people were def more afraid of the bull and so conservative and the bull merely had to move and the men were sent running.  As one side of the bull ring was open to ocean....the men jumped into the water t escape the bull and the bull went in the water a couple of times too.  It was actaully very interesting...although very hot in 40 deg heat at 1.30pm.

We spent the next day and a half at the beach...which I have to say is one of Spain´s best kept secrets.  Denia is a place where Spanish go to take their the beach was free (unusual), not crowded )even more unusual) and just really really nice.  There was still a bar on the beach (just one) so after swimming and tanning for a bit we enjoyed some Sangria (for me), Cerveza (for John) and olives and nuts to snack nice at the end of a day at the beach.

We had more tapas on the way back to the hotel (we were supposed to be showering and changing for dinner!) because it is just so tempting.  And then went to a really nice restaurant on the waterfront...where they bring you this joy steak and you cook it yourself on a hot plate on the table (although for me I didn´t cook it for very long!).  We both ate desert and enjoyed a really nice vino rosso....prob our most expensive meal out but worth it...and almost our only meal out in Spain because you don´t really need a proper meal after all the ceveza and tapas!

Denia was lovely and we should have spent a bit more time there, I think because we are both still feeling a bit average....but now we are off the Barcalona...the home of Gaudi, great arcitecture, more tapas, cerveza and sangria and pickpockets and bag snatchers.....
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photo by: cvanzoen