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Before i get to Paris I forgot to mention something that happened in Barcelona quite soon after the pickpocket incident on the metro.....we got off the metro and were just around the corner from our accommodation when we saw this old lady (like 70s) come out of the street we were about to go down, lean into the gutter and start spewing....all liquid!  She was staggering a bit, so we think she was drunk!! So gross, so that kind of set the scene for the Barcelona...the smelly gross city.

So we arrived in Paris at about 10 am after the Eurostar journey...I thought John would really enjoy the train ride but we were both so whacked after the early start and the night out before that the only thing he saw on the way there was the inside of his

We found our hotel and could check in until later so we set off to do some sightseeing in sunny Paris.  Starting in the middle of the Champs Elysees we wandered up to and the up the stairs to check out the Arc de Triomphe.  We got really great views all over Paris and this was John's first glimpse at the Eiffel Tower....when was just sticking up a little bit and which neither of us saw straight away.  It really takes your breathe away...even if it isn't the first time I saw it.  We got some nice photos too.  After that we went to get some lunch and John tried sampling the local cuisine and ate snails...gross.  I was going to try but really they just don't appetising...they are served in the shell drowned in garlic sauce which kinda looks like the snail has done a big green poo.  John thought they tasted like leaves....nothing to get excited about then!

That afternoon we tried to go up the Eiffel Tower but the very top was closed due to overcrowding so we decided to leave that til the next day and went on a river boat along the Thames past the Notre Dame and out to the Louvre and stopped there to check out the pyramid ("the scar on the face of Paris" Da Vinci code...anyone?) and the carousel (like a mini London eye or slightly larger Perth eye) and onto the Place de la Concorde.  There had been a national celebration there the day before (VE day I think) so it was a bit closed off and covered with a grand stand but that was ok, it was fairly deserted and probably the only time in Paris that we weren't in a queue for anything!

On the way back to our hotel we stumbled across a cute little cafe with a small but very tasty menu of meat dishes....John had a steak with pepper sauce and I had a lovely rack of tasty even if dinner was a little late (like almost midnight!).

Day two in Paris involved a lovely although very decadent breakfast at a traditional french patisserie that John found in the lonely planet (been around for a couple of hundred years or something).  We ended up getting a quiche Lorraine, a pastry thing topped with tomato and herbs, a couple of prawns wrapped in noodles of potato (I think) and deep fried and to finish, a chocolate eclair and a vanilla delicious and it was nearly midday so an acceptable breakfast.  The patisserie didn't have tables so we wandered a bit to find somewhere to sit and eat and sat on some stairs near a statue and ate.  There was loads of pigeons flying around which was a bit gross but there was one who couldn't fly, land, walk or eat properly because some ribbon (like to tie presents) was wrapped around both its feet tying them together. 

There was a group of American students who were looking at the bird and laughing and saying it was retarded and thinking about helping it but not wanting to touch after we finished eating, John got up to catch the bird while I got ready to cut the ribbon off (improvising with a nail file as I had no scissors).  The bird proved quite had to catch for a bird that couldn't fly but John got it cornered against the statue in the end and the ribbon was more twisted than anything and came off quite easily....animal rescue mission in Paris...successful!

After that we went to check out priceless prices of art in the Louvre....we walked for about 4 hours till we couldn't walk or stand anymore but managed to see the Mona Lisa (John was particularly underwhelmed and declined to have his photo taken with it like the hordes of American tourists), the venus de milo, and all the Egyptian artifacts and lots of other stuff, although we were both more impressed by the building both inside and out...we just don't have architecture like that in Australia.

After sitting for a while for our feet to recover from the Louvre...we made our way to the Eiffel tower...and climbed to top (well level 2 - you have to take the lift to the very top) because the queue for the lift was way too long!  At the top we payed €10 each for a 100ml plastic flute of champage...a bit expensive but worth it to celebrate a beautiful moment at the top of the tower in the city of romance :-) we got some great photos from up there of all over Paris.

The last morning in Paris we went to check out the Rodin museum to see the thinker in its natural environment.  The museum is set in a really nice old house and lovely grounds with a lot of art around in the garden too. 

So all in all...I had a great time in Paris...a city i'd been to 5 times before but never really 'felt it'...maybe it isn't where you go but who you are there with?

Next stop Amsterdam.......

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photo by: Sweetski