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Our trip from Denia to Barcelona...again was a bit of a mission.  We got to the bus station in Denia and plenty of time to get a bus at 12....the bus was still not there by 12.15, 12.30 and in spanish style.....everyone just waited as if they didn´t have a care in the world!  I was hungry and there was a kebab store right there advertising kebabs for € I went to investigate.   I paid €4 because it was chicken, not doner, rolled and had chilli and cheese...all ordered in Spanglish with the aid of some hand motions.  So right after I paid...the bus i ran out the door and got on the bus....I am sure they are still wondering if I am coming back for my kebab.....

So the next part of the journey was fairly smooth, although took ages....1 hour train to Valencia, then a 2 hour wait in Valencia for the train to Barcelona....which although it left 10 mins late, got in 30 minutes early...what the?

And while we getting the metro from the tain station to our accomodation John got a tourist´s welcome to Barcelona....but the pickpocket got off worst of it.  As we were getting on the train...John got bumped and felt a hand in his pocket....luckily he has reflexes of a tiger and turned around and grabbed the guys nipple (and most of his breast - not glamourous but very effective) until he dropped his wallet.  John picked it up and shoved the guy of the train with come colourful language.  John 1, pickpocket nil points.

And (not to jinx it) but the rest of Barcelona has been without incident.  Although John has had to wear shorts with pockets that seal and I have been clutching my handbag for dear life (guys get pickpocketed and girls get their handbags cut and taken by passersby, who are sometimes on scooters and gone before you can say ´"where is my bag!".

So after a good night rest we set off to see to shop and John to catch the jump on jump off bus.  We both had a great day although since it was sunday shopping for me was at a minimal so I was busy doing out laundry and catching up on my internet stuff.  John saw Parc Guell, the Sagrada Familia, the Gaudi arcitecture, the Olympic village and went to the highest point in Barcelona.

We have also done a lot of wandering around Barcelona...generally taking in the sights and having a look around.  Whilst there is some lovely architecture and streets and the vibe is great....Barcelona is also one stinky city...mostly smelling like toilet in most of the city.  I really feel like it could do with a good scrub.  But nevermind it just makes me appreciate how cleana nd safe Perth is after being somewhere that really is not!

That night we tried to go on the cable car but it closed at 8 so we are going to try that again tonight and we´ll head out to the dancing water fountain.

Today we went to the fresh food many yummy looking veges and fruit, meats, cheeses and fresh seafood.  We ended up having mixed fried seafood for breakfast (it was 11.30) for not that much of a bargain but it was very tasty.  10 points to anyone who can identify the long shell shaped thing that we ate for breakfast...i thought it was a type of clam, it was long and thin....anyone??

After that I finally go my shopping fix....bit of Zara, H&M (where even John got into the spirit and bought some Eurowear) and Mango....ah european shopping.....I have been missing it, Perth just doesn´t cut it sometimes.

So tonight it is off to the cable car, then the dancing water and then back to London tomorrow (I hope it is still sunny) to catch up with friends before Eurostar to Paris Wed morning at the not so decent time of 6am...yuk!!



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photo by: fivepointpalm