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We were acctually both very excited this day since we were going back to Oroquieta City. For me Oroquieta City means peace, tranquility and relaxation and my in laws are there ofcourse. For Hernie it meant seeing his parents again for the first time in a year. Without a shadow of a doubt can one state that we were very excited to go. Out flight was scheduled for 8.30 - check in two hours before departure and since it's better to be safe then sorry we arrived long before the devil woke up.

Since check in had not opend when we arrived we decided to sit down for a cup of coffee and then happend something that now as we are a few days away is very laughable to me but didn't feel like that at the time. We had sat down and the girl in the small coffee shop aproached us as I was geting ready to place our order, but she totally ignored me and looked onley at Hernie waiting for him to pass our order, wich he did. Then happend the strangest thing - I paid the lot, however Hernie added a 5 pesso as she asked if we had one, after wich she passed the change a 20 pesso bill to Hernie!!! I was in total chock and couldn't belive my own eyes. Okay fair enough we are a couple and no matter if the money ends in his hands or my hands it would go in the same box, but for me this was a matter of respect - and had it not been because I was so deeply in chock then I would probably have screamed her down till she started crying. I was furious, but no need to do anything about it after my recovery, because you know it's like training a dog - either you teach right when the incident happens or you dont teach at all because they will never understand.....

Well finally after one more coffee (which I reluctently ordered and paid) it became our time to check in. wich we did after repacking our belongings. We had one bottle of Whiskey that we bought as pasalubong (homecomeing gift) for Hernies's dad in Bangkok Airport. However at check in in Manila the girl who worked there said that it would be okay to bring it as carry on from Davao to Ozamis as long as it was not open. However aproached in advance in Davao they said no! So up went my suitcase there on the middle of the airport floor to repack again.

So we checked in - we were supposed to go from Davao to Cebu, and then from Cebu to Ozamis and we still had 5 kg. overwheigt, so the expences of this trip could be counted as 2 times terminal fee of 200 each and 500 Pessos for luggage. In the waiting time between check in and acctually boarding the aircraft we managed to go through some of the souvenir shops, drink one more coffee and talk about Durian.

The acctual flight went very well. The transfer though was a little complicated since we needed to take diffrent routes from arrival to departure in Cebu. But it worked and we were both happy and satisfied. What really started to frighten us now was while waiting in the line to check in we noticed PEOPLE being wheigted on the scale. The ACCTUAL person! Shit.....we were allready overloaded how much more now if there's a maximum person wheigt and we didnt know about it, because I'm no small person you know......DESPERATION!!!!!!!!!!!

WE started sweating, but once at the counter it went very well....I asked him if we really needed to pay excess luggage again and - as I knew ofcourse we needed to - after all it was not a connecting flight - I learned that one allready. I wonder if Cebu Pacific has any connecting flights :) - but the question and the fact that he now had an excess baggage ticket to write made him forget everything about our wheigt so that never happend and we never found out why people are being placed n the scale.

The aircraft a small ATR machine was surpriseingly pleasant to sit in. The seats were spacious and the flight very calm. I've flown with Jet prop machines before like the Fokker 50 and the Dash 8-Q400 and they allways were a turbulent experience. But the ATR just lay there in the air steady as a rock and take off and landing one of the most soft I've ever experienced.

Now to arrive in Ozamis is something of a show. The airport is full of people, there's not much space - and by that I mean there is NOT much space! There's also no baggage band so you follow the whole procedure live as it happens they run with the baggage wagons by hand fills them up and runs back to hand out suitcases. For Gods sake "Don't ever force me to have to take a job like that" it's really not beneficial for the health.

Well at least we could meet Hernies parrents again - they were waiting by the van we had rented for the day and as we set course for Oroquieta we made a stop over at Jollibee for Burger and coke for the whole crowd.

After check in at Rhovic's place in Oroquieta and having a short rest after the early start we spend the rest of the afternoon with the familly untill we arrived back at the hotel and decided to jump in the pool......that proofed to be a fatal error.......

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