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It's time to leave Bangkok behind - Our flight with Cebu Pacific to Davao via Manila was scheduled for take off at 00:10 - but when we arrived at the airport a little stressed because we were there like 2 hours and 15 minutes before departure (and I hate when it gets to tight) we noticed that the flight was allready delayed. New scheduled departure 00:35.

Check in went without problems. He first checked us in to Manila after wich I asked with a fling of stupidity "Did you check us in for Davao or onley Manila?" - He sighed and changed the check in and then told us that we still needed to declare customs in Manila so we should pick up our forwarding boarding cards there.

What I did not understand is why it's nessecary to customs declare in Manila since Davao is an international airport. Why not just push our luggage all the way through? Well there's many things that I dont understand and obviously this is one of those supposed to be in the club.

The flight went okay...it felt a little long though compared to last year, but the main diffrence is probably that last year I was able to sleep through 90% of the flight. Inspite of the delay we landed in Manila aprox. 10 min. delayed so that makes up for a bad start. The first thing that came into my mind was how nice the airport was, and it flew out of my mouth "Did they renovate this old crap airport?" when Hernie said "It's probably terminal 3". Terminal 3 was build last year shortly after my last departure and we had discussed weather or not Cebu Pacific would fly from this airport. I had gotten the understanding that it would be a new domestic airport, but I wasn't clear if it was for PAL onley or it would also host Cebu Pacifics domestic flights. None of us knew this for sure. But what we found out while we were there was that all Cebu Pacific flights - domestic as well as international arrive and depart from terminal 3, as do domestic PAL Express flights.

The new terminal is really nice, it's clean, new and bright and lots of opportunities for coffee, drinks and shoping oposed to the depressing old domestic terminal and the semi depressing international terminal. They really did a good work with this one. Onley one thing needed. Because as we had cleared the nessecarities of life before checking in for the forwarding flight to Davao we followed the signs saying "Departure" - but it was not that easy. The signs directed us to the elevators, but once inside the buttons just stated which button was for which floor not what was on each floor. So after an unnessecary stop over at the 2nd floor we proceeded to the 3rd floor to check in.

The line was not really long, but everyone has tons of luggage in this country so even 5-6 people takes forever, however it eventually became our turn as the girl in the Kalibo counter had nothing to do and felt sorry for us. She had bad news though. Because she could inform us of 5 kg. overwheigt. A matter that must have become really good business for Cebu Pacific after they changed their free baggage allowance from 20 to 15 kg. - Especially since all the international flights are 20 kgs so everyone coming from abroad or going abroad will most likely have 20 kg. - and the general pinoys have 30-40 kg. each :)

Anyway she onley charged us 100 Pessos (2,07 USD) pr. kg so we survived. But still....Geee. Especially because trying to out charm her I said, "But the guy in Bangkok checked us in to Davao, we should just drop our bags here and pick up our boarding cards, so if we should pay excess baggage shouldn't we've paid there?" - I think she new what I was trying to do - at least she tried to be as nice as she could saying "Okay Sir. , but he probably didnt know what he was doing because he did not check you in for the Davao flight and he wouldn't be able to because your flight is not a connecting flight". AUCH.....that one hit me hard - but okay it was worth the atempt and brought us some fun, so I just paid with a happy face.

WOw...now it was time for some breakfast. We walked around the terminal for a while - and finally decided on a place. Had a traditional filippino breakfast (hot not cold!) if Mango Shake and coffee with the food counts for traditional but boy did I miss the Mango Shake.

The flight to Davao went rather fast, and upon arrival we picked up our luggages, and went outside to find a taxi for the Hotel. Since the hotel was a part of the Crown Regency chain we'd really expected something nice - but to be honest we were very disapointed. It's big allright and the restaurant and pool spacious but the whole place was like dirty, warn down and the rooms of the same standard as a small town hotel.

After a short rest we took a taxi to Chinatown to shop me a phone and sim card, since my current Ipone is still operator locked, and found a deal for an old Nokia phone, however we did not have enough cash at hand and they could not direct us to a nearby ATM so we decided to pick up the phone the next day.

Instead we proceeded to Gaisano Mall to have a look and shoped a few clothes in the Bench store, and finished with Dinner in Jollibee. After a year in Europe Jollibee is a real must do!

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photo by: agif14