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Hernie and my mother waiting for her train at Copenhagen Airport slightly before our departure.

So here we are again. Packing for a one month long trip to asia. My mother has been with us over the weekend to spend some time with us before we leave. We're both really excited and worked up because I'm longing for the climate and ambience of South east asia and Hernie's excited to see his familly again.

We decided to do the packing the last day before leaveing in order to have time for laundry and get everything ready for the trip. After finishing both suitcases we got a shock, they were a little over 30 Kg. in total. Fortunately we got 40 kg. on the Austrian flight Copenhagen - Vienna - Bangkok but as we preceed with Cebu Pacific from Bangkok to Davao we only have 30 kg. Well...we comforted our selfs with the fact that a bathroom scale probably was a little inaccurate because we can't place the entire suitcase on the scale.

So as we got ready we went out the door, called a taxi to bring us to Malmo central station, where the train for Copenhagen Airport would depart. We were in very good time since the trains are somewhat unstabile in regards of punctuality so we left well before time and also had to drop of my mother on her train home - so all in all we were ready to check in a little more then 3 hours before departure. But time passed rather quick in the airport and having internet available was acctually just makeing it easier.

We arrived in Vienna with little less then one hour to change plane, that means go through imigration and security. It's the first time that Hernie was about to leave Schengen so we were a little anxious as to if we had everything we needed in regards of paperwork, but everything went smoothly.

So now all that's left is to board the plane.....

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Hernie and my mother waiting for h…
Hernie and my mother waiting for …
photo by: the_bill