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Breakfast was delivered to our room at 7:00 and we ate it on the balcony as we approached Huahine (pronounced "who-ah-HEE-nay") . What a beautiful island; the water colors are magnificent as are the greens of the mountains. We’d signed up for a “Lagoon and Motu Picnic” and met our tour group in the Cabaret Lounge, then took the tender to the dock where we boarded a power catamaran to the motu. (A motu, by the way, is a tiny island.) There were a few seats up on the cover over the main deck so I climbed up there and the view was fantastic! This place is really beyond description. There I met and had a nice conversation with Laura from Brazil. Lin had elected to forego the climb and sat on one of the benches below. She said they were well entertained by humorous commentary by Delores.

There was lots of entertainment on the motu and the band was great. First, they embarrassed some people by getting them to attempt the hula; not a pretty sight! I think the Polynesians' bodies are built differently! After they got us settled in tables in the water, they put on a great revue on the beach, then gave us about an hour to swim and relax. The info on the ship had instructed us to bring snorkel gear but that was a mistake. The water and sand were perfect but there was nothing else to see but sand.

The lunch buffet table was set up in the water as were our tables and chairs. An interesting experience and the food was quite good though some passed on the “poisson cru” (raw fish). The local Hinano beer was great!

We returned to the room to dump the snorkel gear, then headed back to shore on the tender.

Princess had arranged for a Le Truck to be available to take us to the “big” town of Fare. It’s a cute little town with a nice waterfront. Unfortunately, most shops were closed for their Mother’s Day but a few were open and we walked around a bit. We ended up at a little shop called Bijouterie-Parfumerie Plaisir d’Offrir where we met a delightful man and woman who had moved there from France. I spoke to the woman in French, she responded and off we went for about 45 minutes talking about everything from life in the islands to our kids and grandkids. Lin was bored but I had a ball and got some good French practice. I think as a peace offering, the lady gave Linda a beautiful crown of fresh flowers. It was heavy!

Back on the ship, we had a bite from the BBQ and read by the pool until the ship departed at 5:00. We returned to the room and Lin took a nap while I ran up to check e-mail and then wrote my diary. As I’m writing this, I’m out on the balcony with the light on and I can still see the Southern Cross and Alpha and Beta Centauri!

We had a drink in the Club with Pat, Jesse, Natalie & Winston, ate dinner and went straight to bed. This is hard work!

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I'd never even heard of Huahine before but it's beautiful. Again, it's really two islands, Huahine Nui and Huahine Iti in this case joined by a small bridge. Here, the colors are vibrant with the many shades of blue seen in the brochures. Because we spent time on a motu, (a tiny out-island) we didn't see a lot of Huahine island itself. We were tendered into the "town" (actually a handful of buildings) of Maroe and took Le Truck to the "main" town of Fare. This was a larger but still tiny hamlet. It is quite charming.

Tahitian Princess
Tahitian Princess
Tahitian Princess
Tahitian Princess
photo by: SheLuvz2Fly