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my trip to Germany...

This trip was the start of something so special...

So let me tell you how this wonderful trip began..a few months back i had a friend request on myspace from a girl named Lara...i guess each time u recieve a friend request, u always have a quick look on there profile, photos, interests..etc. Anyway i automatically accepted..i was really attracted to her profile..Lara seemed such a cool person, someone who i would definately get on with. So i went to write a short mail to her, to basically thank her for  the request and ask how she was...and well this led to us getting to know abit about each other through mails. We swapped each others Msn addys..and well from there spoke a little more. I was so attracted to Lara, she was so cool and we hit it off so well. I loved her company online even if it was for ten mins or an hour..i jus felt so good when she was online...But at the time she was with her Ex partner, who was her gf at the we didnt get to talk so much, so it was nice to have a catch up now and then...we used to have discussions on certain topics..WW2 (What i absoloutely love to research and talk about-so this was great to talk with Lara, and see she had the same interests.) also our opinions of our countries..was funny what she thought of us British...'we all love the queen, cant cook, and our rude people...' Dang i hope not all people think this?? LOL

Well anyway it was a few months later and i catched Lara online one saturday night, i had been out with some friends, and she had jus got back from a night out too. It was pretty late, but we said hey and so on..and i really hoped i would catch online the next day, i must admit now..i jus so loved her company. :) So like fate, i woke up the sunday and we spent all day talkin with each was really good..even had webcam chats. :D At this point Lara and her ex were having a bad stage, and it seemed the relationship was going to end or if not ended all ready, i could see Lara was unhappy, so i guess at the beginning i wanted to cheer her up. :) As the day went on..we got on more and more with each other, and i invited her to England, so she booked a flight to come over in May. I was super excited at this moment, was all curious of meeting her and spending some nice times with her here in England. :) From then we carried on keeping in contact each night. She went away for a week to Croatia with her school - what was so hard, sounds crazy but i missed her like hell. We called most nights, it didnt even bother me bout my phone bill, as i knew deep down it wud cost me a fortune, i jus wanted to hear her voice. So as u probably can tell...we became 'quite' close, i think we both started to realise we really liked each other. :D When she returned i decided that i really wanted to meet her she invited me over, dang i booked my flight in no time, and so i flew over to see her on the 15th of May. :) Was nice for me as i turned 21 on the all i was excited for that week was goin to Germany and seeing Lara.

So 15th of May arrived, and i made my way to Manchester International Airport..checked in and boarded my plane around 20:00 at night, it was a friday as we planned a long weekend together. Ohh man at this point i was all full of nerves, excitement..and smiles. Was funny on the way, i couldnt simply wait for the plane to arrive in Frankfurt, i sat next to this French girl (who had a cool 'i <3 MCR Bookmark!!) we talked for a while, it was nice because it made time go a little faster for me, and i think she even saw i couldnt keep still with excitement..i brought 3 magazines but i just couldnt concentrate on them. LOL So at 22:20 (germany time) we landed in Frankfurt Hahn Airport..aww it was such a cute lil airport..but i loved it because i knew Lara was there somewhere waiting to meet me. :D i went through Passport Control and at that point i realised that there was just a door between seeing her..i was so nervous, my heart was going so fast, i had to visit the bathroom one more time..just to calm down. ;) and this makes me laugh cause i waited so long to finally meet her and i decide i have to go to the bathroom. LOL

So this was it..i walked through the electric doors..and was met by quite a few people...i looked around and instantly spotted Lara..aww dang, i didnt know what to heart stopped just for a moment, all i remember was smiling and puttin my arms out..i was like to myself 'its me' LOL As i got closer, i just couldnt stop smilin..we said hey..did the kiss-left cheek, right cheek-think thats right...kind of the traditional way to kiss over there, for us english its just a kiss on the cheek..nothing more. ;) As we walked back to her car, i tried to glance over at her a few times, couldnt believe how cute she was..i was all smilin, and over time, i felt more and more relaxed with her. We arrived at her car, and silly Miss English goes to get in the car the wrong we know here in England, you guys drive the wrong side to us. ;) Lara will love me saying this. :) So she drove me to her lil village called Vendersheim. On the way i was in shock with the 'no speed limit germany drivers' dang she was goin over a 100, and to me i was just like WTF, crazy people...but i hear even with this speed limit, theres even less accidents in Germany, to where here in England theres more and we have a speed limit. So i say YES to no speed limit here in England. (like thats ever going to happen??) hehe

Well it was a about 45 mins drive to her Village, it was all dark so i couldnt see much, but it seemed so 'unbritish' what was nice for me..i loved it..her village was so cute, i was already falling inlove with Germany. :) Lara showed me around her beautiful BIG house..its had such a lovely garden too..i was very jelous. That night was PERFECT..we got talking and got to know each other ALOT more....:D

The next morning we woke up and i shared a lovely German breakfast with her family. Awww it was so cool, loved the food, was somewhat different to an english breakfast. Her parents were very friendly and welcoming to me, so i was very happy and grateful..and from there i felt very much at home. I guess my German language skills just lacked abit. Her mum was talking to me, and i found it very hard to understand her, so Lara saved me by translating every now and then..i was quite impressed with her fathers knowledge of English - FISH AND CHIPS & ORANGE JUICE. I so loved the moments he spoke english. Well after a yummy breakfast we got ready and headed to Mainz. Wow this town was so beautiful. We walked through the streets and the town..and it was so good to see a traditional german town, with all the german people and being apart of day to day life in germany. The people wer friendly and the town was so cute...we headed for River Rhine, and oh man this was a breathe taking moment, it truelly is beautiful. So nice to sit there with Lara, felt so good. :D I hope to spend my new year in Mainz, i can imagine it being quite amazing, all fireworks by the river rhine, i think it would truelly be a lovely start to my new i hope for this so much. So from the Rhine, Lara and myself went and got a lil something to eat, we ended up getting some pretzels...nice to try some German food, was quite nice, abit salty though. :P We checked out some stores and she showed me abit of the towns history..and then we took a walk back to the car. We visited a local German supermarket, as Lara was cooking me a lovely chicken salad for tea. I enjoyed the night with Lara, as we prepared the food and cooked together..then to sit down in her garden and have a really nice meal..and OMG the best German beer ever-Schofferhofer Grapefruit, oh man this beer is sooo good. :) Was funny as the night i was there, it was the yearly eurovision song we watched the final the moment- and 12 points from Greece goes to....UK!! ;) We then headed back to Lara's room and was able to have some nice private time together.

The next morning was my last day, i woke up all sad to realise how quick my time had gone in Germany and how much i didnt want to leave Lara. I so loved Germany and being with Lara, i had the best time ever...i always imagine how it could be with her...but 2bh it was better than my dreams, we got on so well, was just perfect. Lara made me some real nice breakfast in bed...Hmmm now this makes me like her even more..hehehe!! We spent the afternoon just relaxing and spending our last hours together talking and...!! I then had to shower to get ready for my return back home, dang i so hated know i really wish i could of just stayed with her, i was so happy then..and i truelly loved Germany. People may read this as a love story and well yes it is for me and Lara, truelly amazing one...but i must say if anyone is travelling to Germany or thinking of coming to this country..then i would defo recommend you too, its a beautiful country, and your sure to have the best times here. :)

Well we headed back to the Airport...and i catched my plane home...Man i remember waiting to board the plane, and i so hated leaving. When we wer flying over Germany i was just looking out the window the whole time thinking 'man my girls down there'..and i just wanted to be with her so bad!! Wel from here i arrived back into Manchester at 20:30. I truelly had the best time in Germany, and since my and Lara have got really closer, and i so love this girl. She visited me in May what was so good, and now we plan our summer together..both in Germany and England. :D


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