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Left Italy on a friday noon, landed in KL the morning after, got to SG 8 hrs later, pretty exhausted for the long journey; although I made it all to spend the Sat nyt there, so I quickly checked in the hostel Mitraa, had a shower and met a Clark Quay with TB Fiona.
Super cool lady who took me for dinner at the top level of the Clark Q mall, restaurants are with a nice view on the river.
We then headed to the hearth of the Q night life. I was amazed by the amount of people hanging around, the semi-indoor stile of the set and the huge fans that pump air in those roofed galleries.
Had few shots at the Clinic , the most characteristic bar with syringes in stead of glasses, wheelchair for sit and many other funny amenities.
More fun when we got a turkish icecream, where the entertaining seller makes some tricky acrobacies with its tool before giving u this peculiar icecream (more sticky and dense than the traditional one).

On to the Esplanade, the cultural spot with theater, auditorium etc.; then the obvious Merlion where I enjoyed the only natural breeze of SG city.

Vivocity  center. one of the main mall wich also hosts the train and bus station to Sentosa island, the port where cruises stop over, outdoor bars and restos with view on this "sentosa strict" (not sure what s the real name), and pools, gardens and a concert hall on top. Funny thing:the pet coiffure, the plastic snowman on one of those pools where, as u can expect, is forbidden to take a bath, but kids enjoy and refresh anyway.
Orchard road. unhelpful visitor center, where staff couldn't reply to basic questions on how to move to attractions; used the free internet stations to send few emails.
Had a long walk on the avenue.

What impressed me: amount, luxury and size of shopping malls, of their air conditioning systems that also pump iced air out of their gates, right against the smart positioned public benches where people can benefit of this "social aircon"; licensed beggars.
A quick consideration here: I am used to shopping malls within the city. SG is a "city within the mall". Meaning that most aspects of life take place in the malls: the subway stops are malls with restos, shops, cinemas, offices.. there is an underground net of "pedestrian air conditioned streets" with any sort of shop and facilities. It wouldn't be that hard to live it moving from an air conditioned space to the other, without ever having contact with the outdoor space/air, and I think many SGans do so, thus avoiding the impressive heat (could a 0.
0..X % portion of it be actually caused by the cooling engines?) .

Witnessed a local celebrity nearly being suffocated by philipino teens attending a Philippines national anniversary party.

back to my hostel. Incredibly met my former neighbor from Ireland: we never talked back home, we shared the floor in SG .. go figure :)
I had a dinner meeting with TB cris/Abu. My neighbor and another backpacker english lady from the hostel joined me. We met with Cris at Geltang. Had dinner ar chinese place; tried the Durion fruit which smell unfortunately i couldn't stand; much better the mangosteen fruit.

Day3, SG zoo
with TBs Fiona, kath and Mattew. so many species to watch, listen and smell; polar bear acquarium show. Just me and Kath proceded to the night Safari: train guided tour, emicycle show with trained animals.

Day 4,
business district skyscrapers, boat quay (what's left of the once lively river, markets etc). Asian civilization museum. Chinatown. Hindu, buddist temples & mosquee. Walked trough Little India on my way back to the hostel: it was dawn and some thousand of indians were relaxing on the extensive greens. To be noted that they were all males in their 20, 30, 40s. Thousand of male indians.. no ladies, no families. I just found it a bit weird.

Off to Sentosa island. A colorful monorail ride took me to this "artificial paradise". Poor manorail emploees at the stations are there to wave their hands whenever a train leaves or arrives.. just waving hands and smiling all day long.. dunnow..just bizarre.
During the ride u can see the Casino work in progress, a bigger Merlion, and a park that pretty much resembles the Park Guell in Barcellona, I suppose.

Off the rail , u can walk or ride a free bus to the beach and other attractions. I made it to the underwater World: astonishing walk trough water life experience, really worth it if u r not in any claustrophobia concern.
Out of the blu world I walked the bridge to the "southernmost point of continental Asia", a further sandy artificial appendix to Sentosa, where I climbed up one of the 2 wooden forts and relaxed for a good while, given the sea view and the inviting wind blowing up there.
Back to town. The national museum is really well organized and I wish i had gotten there earlier than 17,30. However I got my free audioguide, made the historic path where one could too easily get lost in spite of all the numbered floor points that should make ur visit easier. But in the end both my battery and my time were running out fast so I went visiting the other wings. Very interesting glimpses of SG life, food and fragrances.

Back to my hostel to take my backpack. Train to the airport and flight to the Philippines..
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