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Eiffel Tower in all it's glory

Paris was wonderful with a couple of downsides, when you don't speak a whole heap of french the Metro (with no english signage) can take a little while to work out. To be fair there are trains to anywhere you want to go pretty much every couple of minutes. The euro seeking gypsies, beggars, pick pockets and scammers are really a bit much and put me on edge. It's pretty intense when you're not used to that.

Versailles (the royal palace built to replace The Louvre as royal palace) was beautiful and very interesting. I think to get the facts it's better perhaps to take a tour. Paris Vision did both our tours and we found them really good. The Louvre of course was quite spectacular and Napoleon's tribute to himself and the lovely park surrounding it was also, quite spectacular.

The Louvre
We loved how the french love to cover things in gold. :) We loved our anniversary dinner on the Eiffel Tower (or Tour Eiffel) at 58 Tour Eiffel. The service was fast and efficient, the food was very good, the view; amazing. :) One of the best meals throughout europe and certainly some of the best service. The d day normandy tour was very interesting stuff. It originally wasn't my kinda thing, more an american deal anyway and i'm not a "war" sort of gal. Once again, really good tour. They have a bad wrap on but i have to say, i didn't have a problem with them. The only downside to their trip is they were underhanded about trying to get us to tip them after an already VERY expensive tour. They said "the back entrance of the bus will be closed for safety reasons upon our arrival back into Paris.
Napoleon's tribute to himself (situated outside The Lourve which was the royal palace before versailles where of course Napoleon lived)to commemorate his entry into Vienna.
....................feel free to show your appreciation in any way you see fit if you enjoyed your day." Ok, getting an australian to tip is a pretty amazing feat, we don't tip here because our staff are paid well. We only EVER tip for excellent service, staff don't expect a tip here. I understand, when in Rome........and am more than happy to tip in countries where tipping is automatic but when someone tries to manipulate me into doing so and suggests that i'm stupid enough to fall for it then that guarantee's NO TIP! :)  Treat me like i'm stupid and you get nothing mate. Rattle your change pocket at me and you also get nothing. (sa we had in london once) Anyhow, all up Paris is a very worthwhile place to visit. A bit of manners regarding making the effort to speak a little french and not just diving straight in with english (which is considered highly rude by a lot of frenchmen). They are very big on manners and very warm and polite people but if you do something they consider rude they won't be shy about letting you know about it.

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Eiffel Tower in all its glory
Eiffel Tower in all it's glory
The Louvre
The Louvre
Napoleons tribute to himself (sit…
Napoleon's tribute to himself (si…
Our little appartment in Paris.
Our little appartment in Paris.
Me on the Champs Elysees with Arc …
Me on the Champs Elysees with Arc…
Our local snail joint. :) Very exp…
Our local snail joint. :) Very ex…
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