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Adelaide, South Australia. My home and departure point.
It's hard to articulate everything that I'm feeling right now. I've been thrust out into the world as a solo traveler, despite the careful planning of my month-long trip to explore Austria and surrounds. My travel partner's circumstances have changed, and there's no problem with that, it just puts the pressure on when you realize all the plans that you so carefully made have gone by the way-side (and only have a week to re-group and plan it all again!). I'm reminded of what my Israeli friend Roei said to me many years ago: "Tom, we have a saying in Hebrew: man makes his plans, and God sits back and laughs!"

I'm reminded of how flexibility really is the key to navigating the unexpected in life. If we stubbornly cling to the way we insist things ought to be then the inevitable hiccups will cause no end of distress! But if we treat life as an adventure, and see ourselves as explorers who can face whatever comes our way with equanimity and gratitude, then we really can enjoy whatever arises.

Sitting at home in Adelaide, with the wind and rain an ever-present reminder that this city is truly in winter's grip, I'm beginning to relax a little. I've booked my initial accommodation, and have two tours booked and paid. As I've often said: butterflies in one's stomach need not be interpreted as anxiety. Rather it is a sign that we're growing. It is a signal to let us know that we're out of our comfort zone and this could be exciting!!

I'm going to try hard to remember this feeling; the feeling of "before". Because I know this trip is going to change me. It's a strange sensation of a having a blank canvass that is waiting to be filled with all manner of images and brush-strokes. A colourful story is waiting to be painted out - with the palette of future events! It's not unlike standing over a cold swimming pool and reaching that point when you've decided to jump and now you're just a passenger in mid-air... it's time to take a deep breath!
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Adelaide, South Australia. My home…
Adelaide, South Australia. My hom…
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