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So after NOT waking up to hangovers at like 11, we got ready and made our way down to the nearby Patisserie/Boulangerie.

Oh. My. God. French pastries. Honestly, I'm not a breakfast person. Don't get me wrong, I like my carbs, but for some reason loading up on a bagel or muffin in the morning makes me sick. But stepping into that patisserie/boulangerie, I knew that during my time in Paris, breakfast would be my favorite meal. I got a tarte fraise, or strawberry tarte, and after seeing the gloriousness that was my breakfast, Celeste followed suit. Omar got a croque monsieur, which is basically a ham and cheese sandwich that is deep-fried. We ate our breakfast/lunch in a quiet park across the street.

Super-Nintendo Mario fountains

After eating, we realized we had about 3 hours until we had to go meet up with Celeste's friends (more on that later). So we decided to wander the streets of her neighborhood. I don't know if I should call her neighborhood Plaisance, but that's what the metro-stop was called. It's basically a 10 minute walk from the Montparnasse area, so while it was near some liveliness, it maintained a pretty calm profile.

So after walking around and discovering the most random fountains ever, we got ready and went to Les Halles. Les Halles is a huge underground shopping mall, and it was insanely packed. OH! I forgot to tell you about Soldes. So I guess under French law, all stores are required to hold sales twice a year, and the sales started the day before we arrived in Paris.

view from Celeste's roof!
AMAZING. But anyway, we weren't there to shop. After just taking a brief look at Les Halles, we met up with Pam and Adam (both interns at the Embassy). From Les Halles, we went to....

Stade de France! Yeah, it's random, I know. What's even more random was the reason why we were there. We were there for.... wait for it.... the Depeche Mode concert. LOL I can't even begin to tell you how completely random this was for me considering that I don't even know their songs. So I guess Adam's friend works for Depeche Mode and needed some volunteers for the concert and Celeste signed us up. I found out about this 3 days before our trip, and I thought it would just be at a small venue and really low key. NO. This was at Stade de France, quite possibly the hugest venue I've ever had the opportunity to go to.

Depeche Mode!
While working the concert (though we were only needed for 15 minutes) wasn't really planned, I'm so grateful I had the opportunity to see the Stadium as it was so incredibly impressive. We also learned that Johnny Depp was there in some VIP area, so I'm going to pretend that we shared a common passion for Depeche Mode. Too bad I hate their music (sorry if you're a fan).

So we left the concert within an hour after Celeste, Pam, and I realized that Depeche Mode didn't really do it for us. After taking the RER back into central Paris, we met up with everyone else again. One thing I had yet to get used to was the fact that even at 10 o'clock at night, it was still light out. I'm from Arizona, so during the summer our days are pretty long. But it wouldn't get dark until 11 in Paris! Anyway, at around midnight we finally left (because apparently, going out before then is weird?).

 We were going to go out, but Omar, Pam, Celeste, and I kind of separated from the others.

We found ourselves in the Hotel de Ville area, where there was a huge gay pride event going on. It was so crazy and rowdy, but hilarious at the same time. After realizing that we were all hungry, we set out on a search for a place that would be open at 2 in the morning. FAIL. Celeste decided that we should head over to the Champs Elysees area as they have plenty of 24 hour food places. Here's one thing that I would like to point out. I was the only person who was experiencing Paris for the first time. I was a little sad that my first whole day in Paris wasn't at the Louvre or visiting the Eiffel Tower, or doing any of the things I read about in travel books. But when our taxi made that turn onto the Champs, I didn't care anymore. The Arc de Triomphe at the end was completely breath-taking when it was lit up, and seeing the liveliness on the Champs even at 3 in the morning made me realize that I was in Paris.

After finding some crepes (my first of many, but undoubtedly the worst), we decided to walk to Pam's apartment which was literally two blocks from the Arc. But I was not going to pass up a once-in-your-lifetime-do-not-pass-me-up photo-op. We stopped in the middle of the intersection on the 5 inch divider of traffic when I yelled at Omar to take a picture of me in front of the Arc. I'm one of those people who only likes to show pictures where I feel I look good in, but I don't even care about the Arc de Triomphe photos. The memories behind those far surpass any self-consciousness I may have had.

votre_etoile says:
i love depeche mode! haha so lucky
Posted on: Sep 18, 2009
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Super-Nintendo Mario fountains
Super-Nintendo Mario fountains
view from Celestes roof!
view from Celeste's roof!
Depeche Mode!
Depeche Mode!
photo by: Sweetski