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Backstory on the title of this entry.... Omar bought this book called Stuff White People Like which I guess originated from a blog. It's making fun of all of the things that "cool white people" are supposed to love- like indie music, fusion food, traveling (but only to developed countries), and architecture. So this day particularly applied to the last item because I saw what were quite possibly the most beautiful buildings I have ever seen in my whole life. And trust me, these pictures don't do the places justice.

We started off the day at the Opera house which was probably #3 or 4 on things I had to see in Paris. I'm a theatre kid at heart and Phantom of the Opera is probably one of the few musicals where I can listen to every single song- so just imagine my excitement.

To our surprise, the opera wasn't crowded, so we were able to get in really fast and managed to get a lot of good pictures without random tourists roaming in the background. Except for one weirdo: This 20-something year old girl who was traveling with her family decides to hold some personal type of audition and starts belting out into song in the auditorium. Oh my god, it was hilarious- especially because she was totally serious about it! Everyone kind of just stood there awkwardly because the auditorium is small enough that you would notice people walking out on her. hahaha. Well, regardless of the creeper, the building was absolutely beautiful- my favorite of my whole entire trip. There's this hallway towards the very front of building on the 2nd floor that was breathtaking.
I don't think the pictures can do it justice. So we wandered around the opera for a while and realized that it was time to meet Celeste at the Embassy for lunch!

We took the metro over to the U.S. Embassy and once we got there, we had to get through security to enter the building. For some reason Omar's passport had qualified him for some extra-special sort of access. hahaha the guards were like "Um, this is the level we grant for government officials". Well, once we finally got inside, we were greeted by Barack Obama's huge portrait on the wall, right next to Hillary Clinton's crazy I-look-like-I'm-on-crack-smile portrait. We got the grand tour of the place and headed across the street to have lunch in the park. Once we were done, Celeste pointed us in the direction of our next stop.


I guess the best things come when you're least expecting them. Case in point: the Madeleine. I had never heard of it before our trip, and when I found out it was a church, I figured it'd be somewhat pretty. From the outside, it looks very Greek in architecture. Once we stepped inside, I was completely taken aback by its unique beauty. It was oddly dark for a church, but what the church had that I believe other churches usually lack is character. There were really weird art pieces right alongside the traditional statues, and instead of the usual white candles you see in most churches, the candles here were in a vast array of colors. The church was massive, but the overall feeling was very intimate and if you are ever in need of a place to go in Paris, I highly recommend the Madeleine.

Les Invalides

Once we were done at the church, we made our way to Les Invalides. So this was another place that I was a little skeptical about. I mean, I wanted to see Napoleon's tomb, but the rest of the building seemed like God's gift to man. I wasn't very interested in the war museum, but as we made our way through it, I found myself channeling my inner boy haha. A lot of the stuff was really crazy, but I just liked imagining the person who actually wore the armor or used the weapons rather than awing at daggers or swords. We went to the WWI and WWII section of the museum, and no joke, I was the only female there. At first, I didn't really notice. But then a group of guys my age walked passed and awkwardly checked me out. Then another. So I kind of was in a rush to leave lol We went over to the dome where Napoleon was buried beneath, and once again- the place was beautiful.

 Not only was it bright, but the painting on the dome and the just the architecture of the entire place was absolutely amazing. So we took a lot of pictures next to our BFF Napoleon and headed out.

We got back to Celeste's apartment, and I'm pretty sure we crashed and napped for a good 2 hours. lol Once we woke up, we all had some dinner that Celeste had made while we were being lazy. Oops. NOTE: When in Paris, buy a baguette and a package of Boursin. Trust me and just do it. It'll be a party in your mouth. After we finished dinner, I repaid Celeste by washing the dishes and Celeste was searching for something for us to do. We decided to walk over to the Montparnasse building, the tallest building in Paris which sticks out like a sore thumb on the Paris skyline.


We got to Montparnasse and purchased a ticket to go up to the very top of the building. Once we got up to the top floor, we were greeted by a panoramic view of the city. It was amazing how small Paris looked from up there in the sense that you could easily identify every single major monument and they all seemed so close to eachother. It was getting close to 11, so we went to the roof to catch the Eiffel Tower twinkle. It was still amazing to see it twinkle from afar, but the experience was slightly ruined by a couple who were pretty close to doing the nasty on the roof. hahaha Whatever, it was still a really great day. 

emmllerg says:
Enjoy your next vacation to Paris
Posted on: Jun 02, 2013
nomaden says:
haha.. u really couldn't get enough of the twinkling tower. I can tell :P
Posted on: Feb 17, 2010
votre_etoile says:
great pictures!
Posted on: Sep 18, 2009
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Les Invalides
Les Invalides
Les Invalides
Les Invalides
most awesome/ineffective helmet
most awesome/ineffective helmet
photo by: Sweetski