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I fail at waking up on time. Maybe I'm catching up on the lack of sleep I got throughout the whole entire school year, but it's still kind of disgusting. Well today we had our first day of sightseeing that required us to wait in line. Not bad, I guess, considering that we only had to wait for 2 places our entire trip. SUCCESS.

So we first made our way over to Notre Dame. It was about 10 or so, and the church looked so pretty in the morning. We realized that there were two lines- one to get into the church itself, and one to climb up to the top. We got into the one to climb up since we noticed that it wasn't moving as fast but it was kind of shorter. While we were waiting we met a girl from Korea who was studying English in London and randomly decided to spend a long weekend in Paris.

I envy people who live in Europe- a weekend trip for me is someplace like Cali or Vegas, not a completely different country!

Once we got to the ticket booth, we realized that it was only free for EU citizens and that we would have to pay a student price. So Omar was in front of me and when he went up I guess the girl just figured he was with the Spanish family ahead of us and let him in for free! So I whipped out the very little Spanish I know and pretended to be with them as well. hahaha Well we went up the stairway from hell and when we got to the top, we were greeted by a chimera/gargoyle (I honestly don't know what the difference is- but then again, I'm ignorant). The view was absolutely amazing-definitely endure the burning pain that'll be plaguing your thighs and climb the stairs to see it!

We went back down and went inside the church itself.

It was insanely crowded, and unfortunately it took away from the experience just a little bit. Nonetheless, it was still beautiful. I wish I could have used the flash on my camera because it was so dark to begin with that all my pictures turned out a bit blurry. But everyone knows that it's one of the most beautiful places in Paris, so you don't need my pictures as proof.

We left Notre Dame to roam the Latin Quarter. There's this bookstore called Shakespeare & Co. and I'm pretty sure Samantha Brown featured it on her Paris program. The store would definitely have been Stuff White People Like #151- the place was packed with the literary-indie folk haha. It was an awesome bookstore filled with books all written in English, so it was a little comforting to know that I could actually browse the place.

Long story short: amazing bookstore, probably the coolest collection of books ever. We then went to find something to eat and stumbled across this group of restaurants with the hosts standing outside who basically harass you to come in and eat there. Yeah, I just stuck to my loyal crepe and we took our food to the nearby park. Hell no. The place smelled like urine. The sad thing is, by the time our trip was over, I'd come used to walking in places that reaked of pee. Eww.

Our next stop was the Catacombs! Once we got there, we saw that there was a line that looked like it was barely moving. But we beared the heat and once we were finally let in, we found out that we were the last group allowed in because the place closed at 4. I felt so bad for those people who were waiting behind us! But my guilt was replaced by relaxation once we made our descent into the tunnels- the place was so cold and felt so good after burning outside.

The Catacombs were insanely cool and sad at the same time. I loved walking around and admiring it for the concept, but the fact that these people didn't have a proper resting spot and were rather on display for endless tourists was kind of sad. So I felt bad for enjoying my experience there. As we were walking through it, there was a section that was completely wet and since it's dark down there, you couldn't really tell until you walked either in it or around it. Me? I walked into it and totally got gross gunk on me. Omar called it Jus de Personne (people juice) and I was thoroughly grossed out for the rest of the day.

We met up with Celeste and Pam by the Pompidou center because it was supposed to be free that day. Turns out, our Let's-pretend-that-we're-Spanish plan wouldn't work and that we'd have to pay to get in.

I'm outnumbered in thinking these are ugly
I'm not a fan of modern art, so I didn't really want to, and neither did Celeste. So we just checked out the bookstore for a while-which to me was way better than what the museum would have been lol. We walked over to go get dinner at a Felafel place that Hannah had recommended.

OMG FELAFELS. The place we went was called L'as De Felafel, and apparently it is the most popular place for felafels in the entire world thanks to Lenny Kravitz's shoutout in an interview. There was a line but they shot out the orders so quickly that you knew the place was legit. GO HERE and prepare to have a food orgasm.

Once we were done we walked over to the Seine and met up with Megan, Hannah and Adam who were all having a picnic. We chilled out for a while and it was just relaxing to take in the river and Paris.

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Posted on: Jun 02, 2013
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Im outnumbered in thinking these …
I'm outnumbered in thinking these…
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