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breakfast of champions

Today was definitely one of the most memorable days of my life. I know that's a huge statement, but it's completely honest.

We got off to a rocky start though. Celeste and I got ready within a matter of 30 minutes (a thing I've learned to master when traveling). Omar, however, took 30 minutes just showering! We had to make a 6:25 train departure, and by the time he was done, it was 6:00. We still had to walk to the station, make a huge transfer, take the next train, and get to the part of the station handling suburban trains. We just weren't having good luck and we missed our transfer, so we had to wait another 6 minutes. Hannah was meeting us at the station and was freaking out that we hadn't arrived yet, but Celeste told her we would probably have to catch the next train to Blois 2 hours later.

Well, we pull up to the station at 6:23, see Hannah in shock that we made it, and BOOK IT to the train. We were on the train for literally 20 seconds before it took off. Ah it was like a scene straight from a movie!

I couldn't sleep on the train because the scenery was absolutely beautiful. It was our first time actually out of Paris in a week, and the French countryside welcomed us with perfect weather for our day of chateaux-ing. We got to the Blois station at around 8:30 and we were all starving. Across the street was this ridiculously cute bakery, so we ate there and I discovered my love for almond croissants. After our quick breakfast, we went to catch our bus which would be taking us to our first stop Chambord.

this was only the roof!

Pulling up to Chambord was one of those "slap-me-in-the-face-I'm-not-really-here" moments for me. I'm sorry to say that 4 years of French class didn't really stick with me, but I distinctly remember each poster hanging up in the classroom featuring different chateaux and making a goal to see each and every one. Chambord was the monstrous yet elegant one of the bunch, and it didn't disappoint in real life. It was almost intimidating in size, because you knew that no matter how long you stayed there, you would never explore all 440 rooms. The interior is pretty bare in the majority of the castle since it would be impossible to fully furnish every room; but the rooms they did have completely furnished were amazing. The best part was taking the famous double-helix staircase to the roof which is the best place to take pictures.

After our tour of Chambord, we caught the next bus to Cheverney. As we were driving to the town that castle was in, we passed by all of these other towns that reminded me of Hot Fuzz. haha If you've ever seen that movie, you will understand what I mean- they all looked like they'd be competing for cutest town in France. We pulled up to Cheverney and we all had low expectations- I mean, Chambord was like this monster of a castle. We were pleasantly surprised though. Apparently Cheverney is known for being the best completely furnished castle, and the interior was definitely impressive. What was weird, though, was that I guess a family lived there up until 1985. Where do you move after living in a castle?!

We finished our walk around the Cheverney gardens and decided to get some lunch.

There was a crepe place which we were all really excited for because everything looked so good on the menu. Unfortunately, I'm not a fan of cheese, so that limited the options for me and the crepe I got was actually quite gross. lol So after that we took a bus back to Blois so we could take a train to Chenonceaux. This is when things got a little bad.

All of the ticket agents were extremely rude and told us it'd be impossible to get tickets to Chenonceaux. When Celeste told them that she had already found the times and knew that we definitely could get there, they just ignored her and the ticket machines weren't working so we couldn't make a stop at Chenonceaux. :[ Celeste got cranky which annoyed me and put me in a bad mood, and I think Omar also got upset that Celeste was a little cranky.

Hannah was trooper and was the only one who was trying to liven up everything. So we decided to walk around Blois for like an hour before having to catch our train back to Paris. Our walk was kind of a "okay we did this" type of thing, and ended in like 30 minutes haha. Omar slipped and fell down stairs! That was the highlight of Blois lol

We got back to Paris at around 8:30-ish and decided we would in fact go out that night. But not before a nap! haha So at 10ish Pam came over to Celeste's apartment and we pregamed. We weren't even buzzed but we made our way over to Adam's apartment where everyone was supposed to be meeting. I wish I could say that I liked Adam, but I didn't. He was so pretentious; he led us all around the Marais district to find a bar, and once we got there he decided to litter so the bouncer wouldn't let us in.

Celeste and I were getting annoyed so we grabbed Pam and Omar and decided to peace out and try and catch the last trains (this was at like 1:15 and the trains stop at 1:30).

This is where things went AMAZING. So we get to the Montparnasse area to head over to the bar Financier. Pam was kind of drunk and was like "I could kill a kebab right now", so we stopped so she could get a kebab. It was then that these guys pull up in a car and said the ever-so-famous line "Are you girls American?" in a French accent. We just had this ridiculous conversation with them and once we finally got rid of them, another group of guys pull up and start creeping it up, so we ran into the bar. OMG that night was amazing. Pam, Celeste and I all found guys to have fun with but poor Omar was so ready to peace out. We finally left at 5 or so, and we looked like straight up hot messes.

UGH. Today was such a good day.

emmllerg says:
Enjoy your next vacation to Paris
Posted on: Jun 02, 2013
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good blog ya
Posted on: Jun 18, 2010
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breakfast of champions
breakfast of champions
this was only the roof!
this was only the roof!
pretty ceiling at Cheverney
pretty ceiling at Cheverney
photo by: Sweetski