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Madame Coldren!

So after spending countless hours reading other people's travel blogs, I decided that I would make one to follow my first big trip sans family or chaperone. I'm writing this after my trip, so everything is retrospective but I'm pretty sure every detail will be accounted for.

So this trip was basically random. My friend Omar was invited by our friend Celeste to visit her in Paris while she was interning at the U.S. Embassy. He then told me about how he was going to visit and said that the invitation was extended to me to come as well. Paris for 2 weeks, having a free place to stay, and cheap airfare because our economy sucks? DUH. I was going.

Our flight left on the 25th and had a layover in Atlanta. Once we got to the ATL, we noticed that everyone was crowded around the TV screens watching CNN.

me, Meghan, and Celeste
Both Omar and I got texts from our little sisters saying that Michael Jackson died and it was so surreal. We had to wait for another 3 hours for our next flight, so we just watched MJ coverage.

We arrived at about 1pm and lugged our bags onto the RER to make our way into the city. Little did Omar know that he got us off at the wrong metro stop, so we had to lug our huge suitcases around trying to find our way to the embassy. Let's just say that I was not happy a happy camper lol. So once we finally found Celeste, we made our way to her apartment which was in the 15th district. It was cramped for 3 people, but it was adorable and we were just grateful to not have to carry our crap around anymore. So this was around 5:30, meaning that I needed to shower if I wanted to maintain my sanity.

at Financier

Once we got ready, Celeste told us that we were meeting our old French teacher from high school for some drinks. Madame Coldren was taking a group of students to France, but they were all doing their homestays so she was free to meet with us. It was so funny meeting with her, not to mention crazy that my first legal drink ever was bought by an old teacher of mine. Whatever, Madame Coldren is probably the coolest teacher ever so it was all good. I had absolutely no idea what to order not only because my French was rusty, but also because I have no idea about all the different kinds of drinks. I ended up just getting the wine Celeste got, and I've decided that I'm not a fan. lol. I don't like beer, and I don't like wine, so I guess that makes me a cocktail kind of girl haha

We said our goodbyes and made our way over to a grocery store to pick up some alcohol. Celeste told us that because going out to drink is so expensive in Paris, her and her friends pre-game and buy the cheapest types of wine to get drunk before going out. CLASSY haha. So we got our stuff and made our way over to Celeste's friend's apartment. There, I got to meet some other people who were interning. Pam is this reserved, yet hilarious 26 year-old who looks like she just turned 19. Hannah was this fun and well-traveled girl who provided the apartment for pre-gaming. And Megan wasn't an intern, but she's Hannah's ridiculously hilarious Irish/British friend. I'm sharing this information with you because these 3 girls will probably be mentioned several times throughout my blog.

So we made our way over to FUBAR, this little bar in the Odeon area. From there, we went to Financier, a much bigger club/bar a couple blocks from the Montparnasse station. I guess Friday nights are ladies' night, but the boy to girl ratio was a solid 3:1. haha poor Omar. Anyways, we were all a little bit out of it by the time we decided to leave, and when we left it was starting to get light out. WHAT?! It was 5 in the morning! I don't do stuff like this! Normally, I go to bed at like midnight- 2 if I push it. lol I guess when in Paris, tough it out and party like the Parisians do.

Don't worry- there's legit sight-seeing and traveling to come. But I like remembering the fun I had just meeting and hanging out with new people.

pepe88 says:
nice :)
Posted on: Feb 11, 2017
beau_bread says:
hey Thats kool :) keep sharing :)
Posted on: Feb 17, 2010
travpro11 says:
What a long day you had! MJ :(...don't stop with the new blogs, keep them coming, there interesting :)
Posted on: Feb 13, 2010
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Madame Coldren!
Madame Coldren!
me, Meghan, and Celeste
me, Meghan, and Celeste
at Financier
at Financier
photo by: ahtibat17