Day 1 - South Beach, Miami.

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Well hello! I find myself on Miami Beach. It’s a giddy mix of CSI, Baywatch and the countless chick-flicks I’ve seen. Miami is still in the 90’s - except for the Wi-fi signs everywhere. I keep expecting Will Smith to pop his head out of a convertible and break into cheesy rap. It’s almost a cliché here. Or at least a constant back-drop for a pop video. Beautiful people, big cars, art deco buildings and neon signs. Colours are reds, pinks, greens and blues. The food is also big and beautiful. “Floribbean” - fish, crab, mango, plantain - yum!

 I really want to make the most of it and indulge before I start roughing it! This is a place where the sun-shines all morning. It’s 10.30 am and must be 24 degrees. There’s a faint breeze offering slight relief from the heat that is rising from the pavements and beating down from the sky.  By 3pm it will have clouded over and it will rain hot and heavy for three hours. Yes, I chose to come to Miami on the first day of hurricane season.


I really like the concept of the rainy season. Every day you just get your down-pour over and done with for a few hours • trees shake, drains swell, and then it’s done. Like a good cry or a long run. Everything feels clearer and cleaner afterwards. Unlike the rain in the UK. It dribbles its way down, and leaves everything dirty and slippery and you never know whether or not to lug around an umbrella - whatever time of year it is. There’s something definite and satisfying about the rainy season. And I’m glad I have such positive feelings about it because where I’m going over the next three months it’s probably going to rain down every afternoon. Let it. It doesn’t feel quite so miserable when it is the temperature of a warm bath and the intensity of a power shower. I’d rather be drenched than pissed on.


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photo by: ellieperla