Day 3 of Golden Fleece - Istanbul, Turkey

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Day 3 of Golden Fleece - Istanbul, Turkey

Golden Fleece – Day 3


Today we are off to Istanbul later on this afternoon.

I get up this morning and enjoy life on the deck top just relaxing and enjoying the ocean and sea life. Hang out with the rest of the Contiki group and talk about present times. Then its lunch time again and we all have an amazing all you can eat buffet, with all the types of food you can think of. We then spend rest of the few hours before Istanbul just chilling on the deck of the ship.


We now later in the afternoon are approaching city of Istanbul, Turkey, its an an amazing view, as you first can see the Mosques as the first thing you notice.

The city is very big and it just keeps getting bigger and wider was we approach.


The day is blue and bright and very sunny out, a perfect day. We are greeted at the port by a marching band playing a few fancy tunes. We then get off the ship and onto our tour bus, we are greeted by a local guide, who will do a city tour for us.

The city of Istanbul seems to be very populated, but very westernized. I was expecting to see people in traditional Muslim clothes, but everyone is in shirts and jeans, very modern here.

We make our first stop at the Spice Bazaar, as huge market place of food. You can try spices, chocolate, candies and all other types of foods here. The merchants, however are very pushy and don’t take “no” for an answer ever. The place is very crowded and condensed with many people, tourists and locals alike. It is a very interesting place just to be in side of. I don’t buy anything but I do try some of the samples of the goods here. It is very good and the quality is amazing.

From here we leave and head back to the bus, see a guy selling fresh corn outside, almost tempted to buy some as it smells very good. We then drive to the Grand Bazaar, which is considered the “must see’ place in Istanbul. This is a huge like shopping market with over 5000 merchants place, you can buy everything from shoes, purses and anything.

The place is very grand and also busy. Once inside we are confronted by all the sales people literally in our faces trying to get us into their shops. Almost to the point, they don’t take “no” for an answer. It is almost very intimidating experience as you can not walk in peace with out a merchant in your face. I go into a purse shop with one girl in the group as she wanted to haggle for the fun of it. Once in, the merchant was almost reluctant to let us leave, as they want a sale no matter what. Quite Crazy. We leave and go outside and wait for our bus. While waiting some guy on the street tries to sell us samples of perfume, he must have stolen, those are those things u get for free in stores. He is very bothersome as one girl asked a price from him and he would not take no and just keep haggling, finally the Turkish guide told him to leave and he did.


We make it back to the cruiseship for dinner, we have a good meal in the dining room tonight.

Before dinner, we go to the Captains Ball and get our photo with the Captain, then have wine and are introduced to the cruise staff. From here we go to dinner, which is special some type of fish meal, or whatever you want to order.  Once again the meal is amazing and we walk away quite full.


Later in evening we meet up in the Venus bar for a few drinks and socializing. Later on, the group goes out to some tourist bar or something. I myself and this other girl we head out on to the town for a evening out to experience Turkish nightlife. We leave the ship and grab a taxi outside the port. We are headed to the Bospherus are of Istanbul, where main nightlife is. The drive there is crazy, traffic everywhere, people going the wrong way on the street, at one point we were driving in reverse for a long time as there is no order on the streets here.

We get out near some night clubs areas.

Our main goal was to go to the Reina Night Club, we get there and outside is totally packed. There s no way we will get into the club. So we go across the street to another night club and go in. It is a really neat place, with good lighting. Not many people are here though. I go get some drinks which are just 2 rum and cokes and it costs me almost 50 bucks for drinks, a little too expensive. The name of the club could have been the Crystal or maybe not but its in the area. It was fun going to, but after sitting there for a few hours, we realized it was kind of pricey for our liking.

We then go walking and make it to a local eating places, like delis etc. It is full of great smells and good food. We go in and try some type of meat thingy which is great and eat in some outdoor café, fun ordering as no one here spoke a word of English, but a good adventure.

From here we make it back to the taxi and back to the cruiseship around 5am. I think we are the only ones to make it back to the ship. Well it is off to bed now as I am up early in morning for more of the tour of Istanbul, an amazing city.
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Blue Mosque
Blue Mosque
Grand Bazaar
Grand Bazaar
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