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2nd day of Golden Fleece

Today is second day of the Golden Fleece trip. I get up early this morning after a few hours of sleep and go have breakfast. Looks like I am the only one here from the Contiki group having breakfast.

Anyways breakfast was simple buns and jam and coffee. I have some time this morning to see Athens or the Plaka area before we depart for our cruise. I leave the hotel this morning and go on my own walking around. I am going to save going to the Acropolis for at the end when we return back to Athens from the cruise. I walk around the Plaka area, it is a very narrow area, the old town of the city. I go check out some market areas and see the goods.

Go see a church, see all the old buildings and cafes nearby. A few area with ancient ruins I check out as well some shops. I have all the photos listed below to describe everything I saw.

From here I make it back to the Hermes Hotel to meet up with rest of the group in the lobby, where we assemble for our transport to get to the cruise. Our leader , Thomas, tells us we have to walk up the street with our bags to get to the bus which takes us to the port, about 10 minute walk.

We all leave hotel and walk up the street struggling with our bags, kinda awkward, but all that can be done. We get to the bus which is parked in a illegal spot and put our bags inside and board the bus. Thomas does a final headcount and we are missing 2 people, 2 girls named Caroline and Larissa.

He goes running out and does not find them. He makes the ultimate decision and decides to drive off without them to the port.

Anyways We arrive to the port and get into line to get process to get onto the ship. At this time, the 2 missing girls show up, they grabbed a taxi and were able to make it to the port. One girl gives Thomas a big piece of poo poo for leaving them behind.

From here we go through passport check and board the ship. On getting on board the ship, the theme song from Titanic is being played. AS well a memorial for the Sea Diamond is in the corner, the cruise lines ship that sunk a month before.

Anyways I get process at front desk and are taken to my room by staff, first class service. I get to my room and my bag is already there, amazing.

From here we meet again upstairs with Contiki and Thomas goes over all the excursions.

There are many good ones to be offered.

I head back to my room and then its time for the safety drill, a custom on all cruises. I am called by staff to get my life jacket and go up deck. I get my life jacket and put it on my head and go outside. From here I am made to wear my jacket properly by some deck hand guy. We then stand around while the word is given for us to return to our rooms. Finally we go back to rooms , now trip begins. I rejoin the Contiki group for lunch, it is an all you can eat buffet. Has everything, salad, greek turkey, beef, and dessert. I fill up my plate like they were running out of food. I go sit with the group outside and enjoy the nice area and sunshine.

We finally set sail and leave the port on route to Istanbul, Turkey, we will arrive sometime the next day.

After lunch lots of many go lounge on deck of the ship enjoying the sunshine. Just relaxed all afternoon and drink some Pepsi and read bad magazines, a hard life.

Afterwards in evening we go for the later dinner in the dining room. It Is a really nice room and glamorous. The amazing thing on the menu about cruises you can order 5 main courses and 5 desserts and 5 entrees, basically order everything as you already paid for it all. I think on first night I ate some turkey and a chocolate cake for dessert or something with wine, quite good.

Later on for rest of evening we all meet up In the one little pub upstairs for a couple of drinks. It is good, many of the other group are big drinkers and are going all crazy drinking at this moment, quite funny. I did too much drinking when I was in Spain, so my liver needs a rest now.

Anyhow called it a night early, as tomorrow is a big day. We are off to Istanbul and I want to see that place./


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Orient Queen
Orient Queen
Safety DRill
Safety DRill
photo by: Johnpro