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So, that's the final draft for our trip this summer - changed from 2 weeks tramping in Iceland to 2 months backpacking in Eastern Europe to the South of Thailand to 6 weeks in Malaysia, Indonesia and Laos.

Thanks to an amazing AirAsia promotion we booked return flights London-Kuala Lumpur for 300pound each plus short flights around Asia starting from as much as 5pound.
As we only have 6 weeks time (how dare university to start so early) our schedule is unfortunately quite tight.

- 15/09 12 hour direct flight to KL
- 18/09 flight to Menado/Sulawesi in Indonesia
* Climb Mount Muhawu
* Togian Islands
- 01/10 flight back to KL
- 03/10 flight to Vientiane in Laos
* BeerLao factory
* Luang Prabang
* Muang Ngoi
- 12/10 flight back to KL with connecting flight to Penang in Malaysia
* Georgetown, Exotic Fruit Farm, Cameron Highlands, Taman Negara
- 21/10 flight back to the UK

If anyone of you has been to any of these places please let me know all your tips and recommendations!

As always I also have a little To-Do list with things I really don't want to miss:

- try blue rice in Malaysia
- climb an active volcano
- swim on a black beach
- BigBrother Mouse in Luang Prabang
- Go on a fishing trip
- See the Royal Palace in Luang Prabang
- Visit the BeerLao factory
- See the rafflesia flower
- See tarsiers
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When you live in the southwest of England then you have quite a lot of things on your To-Do-List - most of them concerning stones, stone carvings, fields and the odd cathedral.

My personal To Do List:

- Visit Stonehenge
- Visit Woodhenge
- See the giant caveman carved in stone
- See the giant Kiwi carved in Stone
- Stand in a corn-circle

After one month in Salisbury I can tick the first two from my list. Peter's niece Aimee had a day of from school and we used the sunny spring weather for some sightseeing. I was really looking forward to see Stonehenge but everyone said I shouldn't expect too much - in the end it's just stones on a plain.
Ha, how wrong they are, I just loved it! It's a great shame that you cannot actually go to the stones and touch them but still, it was a pretty impressive sight!
The best thing is that you are totally unprepared for it - the stone circle is standing next to a busy road! We were in the car, I was talking to Aimee, looking forward to our sightseeing - and then, out of the blue you see Stonehenge next to you. Right next to you - not even 50m from the road! God, I was so surprised I nearly screamed :-)

I have to admit that it looks bigger on photos but still, it's quite impressive. The stones are just standing on a field as if they would have dropped of the sky. You have to pay to go through the outer fence but you still cannot go close to the monument - as if the car fumes would be less dangerous to it than some people touching it :-/
Anyway, we'll definitely go for midsummer night - on big party and I'm going to hug every single stone there!

Woodhenge is - well, it's nothing really. Researchers found out that there were wooden pillars in the ground some thousand years ago. They are of course long since gone - both the pillars and the researchers - and all that's left are small concrete pillars marking where the originals supposly stood. Still, I liked it because it was sunny and it's such a cute view - all these concrete thingies in the middle of a field.
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photo by: Vikram