Week 4 - Compressor Problems, More Dolphins, Where on earth has the time gone??

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So not a huge amount to report this week sadly. It started off well, some particularly nice dives monday and tuesday. Did however have 5 divers follow me as I chose to fin into the strongest current, and for some reason no-one chose to stop me, just complained when we got out. On the way back to base we came across a pod of bottle nose dolphins, including a baby! Off the boat for a swim, but my god dolphins can swim fast. We were exhausted by the time we got back.

On Wednesday our compressor died. Very sad news, especially as without this, there is no air in the tanks, and that means no diving for us. We managed to get all the tanks into town on Wednesday evening and at least that meant one dive each on Thursday morning. mine was particulary interesting as Fury (Munster Fan) found an undersea admirer and was followed for the whole dive by a squid. So funny, and nice for me as I had only seen the flying squid, and none under the water. I swear it kept waving at him, and following him. So cute.

I also got stalked and attacked by a barracuda (not as funny as it sounds), trying to monitor one of the shallower reefs. Quite a scary situation to be in. But I´m here and the loss of one finger does not seem to be slowing my typing too much!

We have 2 new people on base this week. Gen is a new instructor, who has joined GVI Mexico having spent two years running GVI Seychelles. Really nice girl, and it´s a pity we won´t get to know her much better. We have also been joined by a photo-journalist, writing a piece about GVI mexico for airmexico´s inflight magazine. He has some rather funny shots taken. Including me administering 02 to Tobi during a refresher class I took. Aparently there´s more of me under the water also. He´s promised to e-mail them to me in a couple of weeks, so those could be a funny late addition.

Did my last TEFL last night, which was really sad. I´ve been teaching a lovely girl called Isobell for the last three weeks, and I´m really going to miss her. She moved to Mahahaul around the same time I did with her boyfriend to set up an icecream and coffee shop. Sadly this won´t be finished before we leave, but I may have to come back to taste. On the plus side, we´ve exchanged e-mail addresses so I get to stay in touch.

Emma and I have come to bacalar for our last weekend together. This is a small town with the most beautiful freshwater lake, and another cenote. Just arrived, have had some lunch and hoping to head out to the lake in an hour or so. My next update will be full of the stories of leaving, and I genuinely cannot express how sad it is to me that this is all comming to an end. It´s been so much work, and whilst we are all completely exhausted, I am going to trully miss the people and the work. I´ll be back in Dublin on the 9th of September, not long now. So have a great week all.



emsflynn78 says:
Hahaha so true Fi!!
Posted on: Sep 12, 2009
fionnuala_geraghty says:
One other thing. I have been asked to clarify that the conversation in the back of the pick-up truck was not yut or truck, but instead ute. Any ozzies out there I have offended by miss-spelling you word, I have one for you -Convict.
Posted on: Aug 28, 2009
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