Week 3 Ruins, Caves, Tropical Storms, and a bang on the head

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EFR Training

Firstly my apologies to all but I forgot to bring my camera to town, so you will be waiting for photos of the last few adventures.

Last weekend was amazing, 4 of us (Tim , Emma, Mike and I) headed to Tulum for the weekend, Cenote diving and then climbed the Coba Ruins. I´m still stuck for words to describe how amazing it was. Adam our cenote guide met us in our hotel at 9 am and on we went. First Cenote was ´Temple of Doom´. We kitted up on the road and then a short trek through the jungle (not easy in full scuba gear) to the entrance. 6ft giant stride through a hole in the ground, and into fresh water. Insane. I loved it though, the light effects were brilliant, and then there was the halocline.

Bacal- Lagoon of seven colours.
This is where salt and fresh water meet, its the oddest feeling, kind of like swimming through oil. Pretty though. Wreaks havoc on your bouyancy.

The second and sadly last cenote we did was the Grande Cenote. Unbelievably pretty, its such a different ecosystem in there. We found a lost turtle, and lots of fosilised coral. I promise photos next week, cause I know I´m not doing this justice.

After lunch we headed out to the Coba Ruins, a fantastic series of preserved Mayan Ruins. Hired bikes and cycled around exploring, until we found the major ruin, which we climbed to the top of.  Fantastic view over the jungle, and I was chosen to sacrifice virgins. Funny, but I may have the curse of the Mayans on me now.

I´ve been very lucky to meet Emma.

Pushing the boat towards the pass, and yes, I wish someone had helped.
SHe could have been a sister, she´s great fun and so kind, and we have alot in common. I´t´s really great to have her around. She´s only been diving a month and she´s so competent. She´s promising a trip to Ireland soon so you can all meet her.

The week on base has been interesting. As you may know, its hurricaine season at the moment, so the weather picks up quite violently and quite suddenly, as happend last Sunday on my last dive. Heading out over the breakers the weather went mad, and I had the misfortune of getting doinked on the head by our boat box ( see, the mayans are not happy with me). The dive was quickly recalled, although I´ve never had such a scary boat trip back. The cox´n looked terrified, we were all so cold.

After our safe return needed to warm up sop stuck on my leinster jersey for a bit.

Buddy check - Oral Inflate
Cannot believe it, the only other rugby fan on base turns out to be a munster supporter. Much bickering later I showed him my piccie of Johno sexton and the cup. He may be sulking!

Diving was blown out twice this week cause of the weather, so plenty of time to study my coral disease, then on Wednesday, I got my first monitor done! So cool. Very proud of myself!

Thursday was TEFL day, so we headed into town for two hours of beach games with the local kids and then two hours of language clasess. English is a ridiculous language and phrasal verbs should be illeagle. It´s not great when your student has three native spekers completely stumped. But I enjoy it, its really nice to be part of a community for a while.

This weekend was spent in the very little town of xcalac.

Emma (red fins) and I give the boat the big ok
The best way I have of describing it is the Killinaskully of Mexico. And the have and Irish bar! Nothing much else, but there you have it. Did two dives yesterday with Tarpons (huge big fish). Was lovely, then relaxed with the guys from the dive shop last night and this morning. Really chilled out, except for when I fell off the pier. Yes, I think a Mayan pushed me. I´ve plenty of scars, will happily show them and explain the story over a pint in September.

Finally, those of you who siad this was a hol... up every  morning at half five (before dawn) for chores, breakfast at 6.45 then first stick out at 07.30. You are kept busy all day diving, cooking, cleaning, filling bottles, studying, practicing..... I´ll need a holiday soon as this is for 6 days a week. But I love it here. Adios, y hasta lueaga todos.

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EFR Training
EFR Training
Bacal- Lagoon of seven colours.
Bacal- Lagoon of seven colours.
Pushing the boat towards the pass,…
Pushing the boat towards the pass…
Buddy check - Oral Inflate
Buddy check - Oral Inflate
Emma (red fins) and I give the boa…
Emma (red fins) and I give the bo…
Tim and Hanah do the DM gear excha…
Tim and Hanah do the DM gear exch…
Hanah and I on the way to the last…
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Party night.
Party night.
Staff members.... I should add it …
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Budgies Perch
Budgies Perch
photo by: Andy99