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Firstly greetings from Cancun, the end of my first week and I have completely escaped from base for a shower, meat, and a whaleshark adventure tomorrow!

Starting at the begining, and the journey down to the base. 7 of us left Playa del Carmen at 7.15 am with Dean, one of the staff members from base. We picked Emma (Cool Lass) up in Tulum, and made it to our new home around 3 pm (this is after 4 seperate searched by the narco cops!). The 10 weekers and the rezst of the staff were there to meet us, and had prepared the welcome lunch. First impressions were hard to make, as we were exhausted and completely overwhelmed by the ammount of people. After lunch we were assigned our huts, duties groups and given a base tour. I swear the base is beautiful, if primitive. Right on the beach, palm trees, wood and reed huts and a hammock area for 'down time' (apparently down time exists, I'll believe it when I see it).

I'm going to stop with the minute by minute, inch by inch accounts now, but suffice to say it looks like I'm living in Paradise.

But, every paradise has its problems. My god, the mossies, flies and aptly named 'bastard-flies'. Not even the staff know what therir real name is but they are hated -'no mercy' is the official line. It's funny to watch someone smake another hard, and apparently out of the blue, but its the only cure, and an odd form of mercy for us.

So the diving, what we're here for... First up was a 'refresher dive' nice, easy going and very very pretty. I swear the vis goes for miles and miles. After the refresher it was on to 'spot dives'. You buddy with a staff member and try to write down the correct name for which coral they are pointing at. I'm getting around 60-70% right at this point, so getting there. None of them look like the pictures in the book.

We're also supposed to look out for 'incidentals', these are the megafauna of the reef - rays, sharks, barracuda etc.. Having dived Sunday through Wednesday with nothing, I got my first incidentals on Thursday. Southern sting ray, giant barracuda and then off the boat on the way home for a swim with a pod of bottlenose and atlantic spotted dolphins. 20 minutes of an open water swim with them has beenmy best experience to date. Although, I think they had bveen spying on our dive. We had finished a bouyancy test dive, and the dolphins appeared to take great pleasure in showing us how all our monkey tricks should have been done.

It's the weekend now, and Emma, Mike and I have made the 6 hour journey to Cancun to snorkle with Whalesharks, more on this, and hopefully some pics next week.

Tan update - its coming along fine, but diving in a sharty is making for some interesting lines.

Food- those of you who have laughed at my 'evil sneaky fruit veg' comments will be interested to know that it sneaks into porridge! I never, for the rest of my life want to eat- rice, pasta, sweetcorn or refried beans again!

And finally for D, Ash and Jen. One of the English lads here works in St. Munchins. Lovely lad, whowas thrilled to find the Fields of Athenry, Molly Malone and Lisdoonvarna on my ipod. I reckon a couple more days and we'll be banned from the speakers.

Love and miss you all



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photo by: Marina2710