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I´m sitting in an internet cafe in Isla Mujeres on my own, for the first time in over 5 weeks. I´m starting to type, and I don´t know how long this entry will be. I have so much to tell you all, and I´m unsure if my vocabulary is up to explaining the last five weeks, and what théy´ve meant to me.

Bacalar last weekend was gorgeous. Another tiny town in Mexico, with little to do but visit the lagoon of seven colours and the azul cenote. Both amazingly beautiful. Aparently they take their colour from a type of algae which pre-dates dinosaurs and only survives in a handful of lakes around the world any more. Had lots of fun jumping off the roof of a restaurant into 90 meters of water. I am at the moment working on uploading videos and photos for you all, but the connection seems very slow, so no promises.

Just as Emma and I were getting ready to leave, we headed into a pharmacy for the weekly insect repelant and anti-histamine shop, and in behind us came an Irish couple from Cork. I nearly died. Ashling and Daragh are Civil Servants on a 3 year career break, traveling round the world. Ended up staying with them for dinner and a few drinks, completely lovely if random evening.

Back on base, things changed. Our compressor died, completely. This meant that the 3 hour round trip to mahahaul had to be made twice a day to fill tanks, and we all became restricted to one dive a day. The downtime we therefore received became filled with industrious bracelet making, costume desigining and other random things. I headed out on a snorkle to the lagoon to watch DM´s Hanah and Tim do their buddy breathing underwater gear swap. Hilarious. Completed my EFR training on Tuesday morning. I was enjoying a quiet 20 minute coffee with my book when suddenly Sam and Chris S came charging roungd declaring there had been an emergency and there were lots of casualties. I think their exact words were ´boom, kablam, oh my word´. Myself and the other 4 who had taken the course were running round after the rest of the camp who were in various stages of distress. My only comment is that when your ´casualty´says, I´m not breathing its hard not to laugh. Anyway, we all passed, and it was a funny morning.

Diving was great this week, lots of rays, no being hit on the head with boat boxes and the like. The highlight of the week if not the whole trip was Tuesday´s dive. I was supposed to be monitoring wuith VC, but at 7 meters my transect jammed, so we headed down the reef on a shark hunt. No joy, so we went back up, and whilst pootling about at 8 meters 4 bottle nose dolphins swam feeding across in front of us. So beautiful. Scuba-ing with dolphins is such an odd experience, you really get a sense of their size and power. Poor VC ended up crying her heart out with happiness underwater. Meanwhile, on the boat cptn Cesca was being stung by bees, a number of times.

Wednesay was our last dive, I headed out with Tim, Emma, VC and Emily. Lovely dive, althopugh we found two lion fish which is never good. They´re an invasive species which are damaging the carribean eco system.  After the dive it was back to base for our fancy dress last party night. As it was Sam´s birthday we had to dress as something begining with S A or M. Given our limited resources this was hilarious, but I will say we are industrious. I went as an Angel, and made my top out of a pillow case. Very silly night, we all received the certs we collected over our time, and to be honest drank that bit too much rum. Our generator crashed around 8.30 so all the dancing was done in the dark to our random singing. So much fun, ended up sleeping in the big hammock with a couple of others. So many stories from that night, but I wont bore you now.

Thursday was base mega clean. Retrieve the boats, remove the engines, completely take the camp apart and clean it. I really enjoyed it, but then I speant the first two hour tinkering on the boats with Chris and Stu. Eamon, I gueass there is a bit of an engineer in me, I´m never happier than fiddling with engines these days. Who´d have thought it. Basae had run out of food, so some of us headed into mahahual for a final dinner in Fernandos. Tequila on the house to say goodbye to us, which was sweet. Lovely food, such a chilled evening. But my heart was already sinking.

Friday was one of the hardest days of my life. I genuinely cannot explain the bond you make with people when you live like we have for 5 weeks. We have been so remote, and yet so crowded on one another. We´ve shared two toilets, one shower, all the regs. We´ve eaten, slept, worked and depended on one another completely, and goodbye was, and still is, very difficult. Tim, Emma and Budgy (Mike) came and satyed with me last night. The lovely 5 star hotel I booked did not know what to make of us, but they gave us a glass of champagne on arrival and a gorgeous room. We´re taking our time to adjust though. I get through two plain shrimp at dinner before my stomach asked me to swith to plain rice. And no, we couldn´t cope with eating in a clean hotel, so we headed down the beach and found a place where locals were eating. No floor, just sand, just as we like it. Had a couple of cocktails, and some food. Exhausted we headed back to the hotel, where we discovered the hot tub on my rooms balcony. Clearly the only thing to do was pile in all four of us. Funny evening. But today I had to say good bye to them. That was really hard, particular for me to say bye to budgy and Emma. They´re great friends now. Budgy and I shared a room in Playa before we headed down to base, so have been together from the go. I´m hoping to head out to New York in the not too distant future to see him and meet the girlfriend we´ve heard so much about. I can´t say anything about Emma, she means as much to me as Flis, Jess and Lyd, and my family. She´s like another sister.

I´m in Isla now, thinking alot and so sad. I´ve grown a lot in the last five weeks, and I imagine you will all find changes in me. I named this blog sad heart, but I also want to call it full heart. I´ve learnt so much about diving, about the sea, about other people and myself. I knew my vocab wasn´t up to this but maybe by Wednesday I will have the words to tell you all about it. I have so many stories I´ve not published here, and so many more photos to share. I do miss you all, and I can´t wait to see you. But I´m not ready to say Adios to Mexico and the family I found in Puent Gruesa.

See you Wednesday, xxxxx   


emsflynn78 says:
Fi you're last entry makes me happy and sad! I miss you lovely xxx
Posted on: Sep 12, 2009
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