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Just a quick note to say that we´ve arrived in San Pedro Sula, Honduras´2nd transport hub. We now fully appreciate the comments in the guide book telling us that most people only pass through here, and stay only if they have to. Unfortunately for us we fall into the latter category.

As a rather strange coincidence, the Dutch couple who we spent the ferry journey over to Utila with, were on the same one as us this morning. The ferry left at 6.20am, so it was another early start to be ready at the dock by 6! The journey back wasn't quite as terrible as the way out. It was still very rocky, but a lot calmer in comparison.

We found our bus to San Pedro easily enough, and arrived here by about midday.

The hotel that we´re staying in, (La Teraza) one of the one´s that the book reccommends, is definitely nothing special. The staff are rather aloof and you´re never quite sure if they´re listening to you or not. We had a bit of a kerfuffle with our room initially. After many horrendously hot nights in Utila with our just about adequate fans, we decided to pay the extra couple of pounds and get an ac room, as we planned to spend most of the  afternoon in it watching tv (yes, it even has a tv!)... However once we got into our room it became apparant that although we had a tv, we had no remote, so couldn´t work it. So we went down to ask and were given a remote (not for our room number though, although we were told this didn´t matter). So back up the 3 flights we went, only to find out that this remote didn´t work for our tv. So poor Rusty was sent back downstairs (my Spanish had no hope of stretching to a conversation about broken remotes) and up he came a few minutes later with a new remote. But predictably enough, this didn´t work either, and by this point it was getting a bit ridiculous. So back to the reception he went, and this time he came back with not only a new remote, but also a new key - for the room next door. This was a great move, as the room is actually considerably nicer! However, the remote still didn´t work for this tv! Luckily the tv has buttons on the outside though, so we can watch our american trash all afternoon. Luckily what the room lacks in remote controls is made up for in the view (see photos)... as if!! It´s perfectly decent for a night though so we´re happy.

We´ve got a taxi booked for 4am (ouch) to take us to the airport for our 06:41 Copa airlines flight to San Jose, Costa Rica.

I´ve uploaded all the photos from Utila on the last two blog entries now, so have a look at them.

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San Pedro Sula
photo by: Johnb42