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The view from the top of one of the hills on the journey to Lanquin
So here we are in Lanquin, and it is.. in the words of Nick Farkas ´incredible´. And guess what? This time we actually manged to get into the hostel that we wanted. The El Retiro lodge is literally amazing. (Photos will be coming tomorrow, I don´t have my little USB thing with me now) We managed to get the last two beds one of the dorm rooms before they started giving out hammock places (which anyone who knows me can appreciate that however authentic and original that experience may be, it´s not one which I would have particularly enjoyed). We were lucky both to get bottom bunks, as the top ones actually look rather high! My new found vertigo may not have appreciated the distance from the ground.

The hostel has a really great feel. It´s set into the hill running down to the river with various dorm rooms and little huts at various intervals. There´s a big restaurant where every night they serve a fantastic buffet with a different theme every night. Last night was American (where I tried my first meatloaf) and tonight we´re eating Guatemalan food! It´s really nice as you all sit on long tables, so we got to know the people that we travelled on the bus with (the majority of whom are from Guildford) and we met another group who were in our dorm from Oxford uni.

The journey, although possibly one of the most comfortable of my life, was amazing (the looking out of the window bit if nothing else). Once we actually left Flores, the landscape completely changed to very rural countryside. In every little village that we drove through, the people would all stop and stare at us on the bus (and sometimes wave too). They must get a fair few buses with foreigners on them passing through, so it seemed strange how much interest we got. The buildings were also so different from those we saw in Belize (which was particularly apparent when passing over the border). In Belize the buildings were all very brightly painted and with the exception of Belize City, which was truely horrible and one of the saddest most poverty-stricken places I´ve seen, even if the houses weren´t in the greatest shape, they seemed to be shown off more with bright paint and colours in a much more obvius Carribbean style. In Guatemala the colours are a lot darker, and many of the houses are in terrible states. Guatemala seems a lot more agricultural (that was Rusty´s only useful insight). It´s a pretty amazing place to be. God I sound so cheesy.

We´re going to Semuc Champey tomorrow (which was actually today, but I´m a day behind on this blog). It was incredible. But more about that tomorrow.
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The view from the top of one of th…
The view from the top of one of t…
photo by: siri