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Well we arrived safely in San Jose after what was probably one of the best flights of my life. Everything went really well with check-in etc and all was fine until I got stopped at security and had my bag searched. I then remembered, that as we haven´t flown for ages, and are used to just going by land everywhere,  that I had forgotten to check my by bag for sharp items before we left. And I had left both pairs of my tweezers in my rucksack. I didn´t want to lose these so I asked if there was any way that I could put them in my hold bag, and suprisingly enough he agreed, and let me and Rusty turn around and go back out of security, through passport control back to the check in desks. Only in Central America!

In the end I had to check in my rucksack, so we travelled very light on the plane. To be honest, this all created quite a good use of time,  as once we made it through to departures, there was predictably nothing there. We got ushered onto the plane personally as our check-in lady was the there letting people through and realised that we hadn´t heard the announcements so were sitting there unawares. The plane itself looked almost brand new  with a business and economy cabin, seating around 150 people. It reminded me of the BA planes that go between London and Newcastle, but with 4 seats across rather than 6.  The plane was also pretty empty which was nice.

Flying over Costa Rica was awesome, as we saw the hills in the North (presumably where we are now) and the top of San Jose. The airport  was nicer than either of the American ones we had been in, and definitely a whole league above Belize City. The only slight concern came when approaching immigration and we saw signs for the entry tax and realised we didnt have enough on us. Luckily they didn´t seem to want any money from us.

The worst bit about this whole arrival process was the time. As it was the only flight of the day, we had no choice, but it meant that we had a 5 and a half hour wait at the bus station. Luckily we found a nearby restaurant to set up camp in, and managed to spin out a 4 pound light lunch for  3 and a half hours. Before long, we were on the bus headed to Monteverde.
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San Jose
photo by: Isoinspira