Waiting for our water taxi to Caye Caulker.. We've finally arrived!

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Watching the sunrise over NYC from La Guardia airport


29 hours, 4 cities, 5 airports, 3 flights and plenty of horrific snack food later, we've finally arrived in Belize City!

We set off from Terminal 5 on Wednesday evening on the 8pm BA flight to JFK, New York. To be honest, the flight was pretty uneventful - none of the dramatic turbulence that we'd be promised. The food really wasn't that great. My cottage pie was perfectly decent but Rusty's chicken pasta left rather a lot to be desired. So when I got bored of his sulking, I gave him the rest of my cottage pie AND my chocolate mousse desert! Sure enough, he was happy enough with that and was soon dead to the world. We did manage to get a bit of sleep on the plane, and the 7 hours passed really quickly. Flying into New York at night was INCREDIBLE - the city looked amazing from up above, and it was so exciting to see all the buildings and Brookly Bridge and the bridge that looks like the Tyne one (Rusty managed to convince me that George Stephenson had donated it to New York as a gift from the North of England for at least a minute!).

Arriving in 'light thunderstorms' at Belize airport
Oh dear.

JFK wasn't quite what I expected to be honest. I don't know if it's because we landed at night and it wasn't that busy, or that we were in a particularly quiet terminal (we were in 7 out of about 9!). The tales of hours in security actually turned out only to be about a 10 minute wait and then about 5 minutes of stamps and fingerprints (!) etc. Not that I was complaining... So this then meant that we had got out of the airport quite a lot earlier than we had expected (by about 23.15 from our 22.30 arrival). There was a shuttle bus (basically a big taxi) waiting who said he could take us to La Guadia (the airport from where our flight to Miami left this morning). He'd basically packed the taxi with people going to different places and was just taking everyone one at a time. There wasn't really that much to see on the car journey because (I think), both JFK and LGA are in Queens, so we didn't get to see any of the city or anything. I'm really excited about coming back in August for our 4 days in NYC though!

La Guardia was a bit of a nightmare as the airport was basically shut and we had to sleep on the chairs in this little cafe which was so uncomfortable, so didn't really get that much sleep. We had to get up at about 4am to check in for our flight to Miami and then onto Belize City!! The flight to Miami was rather uneventful - we were then delayed by half an hour in Miami and were worried about being able to catch our water taxi before it shut, but it was ok in the end. We were also told that there were thunderstorms in Belize and that it was going to be a 'very bumpy ride' but it was actually ok. The landscape was amazing from looking out of the plane window - so green and dense trees everywhere - it was one of those unconfortable descents where you can't see the runway until 30 seconds before you land - i seriously thought we were going to land in the jungle!! But it was fine, we landed and made our way to the water taxi office which is where we are now waiting for our water taxi to take us to our first destination, Caye Caulker, a little island off the coast of Belize.
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Watching the sunrise over NYC from…
Watching the sunrise over NYC fro…
Arriving in light thunderstorms …
Arriving in 'light thunderstorms'…
Belize City
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