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broader view on our place

Was our last camping extremely silent, this morning I woke up of my own snoring.

Keeping this diary is a lot of work, so I was thinking of getting up as I heard someone hitting a tennisbal, and again, and again at 6:45h. (S)he must be training.

When I get out in the tent to type, I smell cat urine, yes we were sprayed again.

I try to clean it, and have better luck than last time, maybe this was still fresh (ugh).

Someone down there is driving around and claxonating in that typically French irritating way. Nobody stops him, and when the sound slowly comes higher we find out it is the baker, who is doing his round.

Fair weather
It is about 8:30h, a good time to get up (for all of those long sleepers: ) I bought 2 baguettes, bread is expensive in Fécamp, but who wants to go out to the baker’s this early?

After breakfast I decide it is time to wipe the black pulp of flies from the white front of the caravan, I have to use the water from the beer cooler.

When I go to refresh the water, I meet this guy doing the washing up. I ask him a question in French, he answers, but his accent betrays him to be German. ”Sind Sie Deutsch?” I asked him. “Ja, sind Sie auch Deutsch?” (I could have been German from that moment onward, a pleasure denied to me in Madrid -but I carry no grudge:) And then we had our conversation in German:)

We have to go shopping. The U market is near. To reach it I make a large circle through the village to come to the point where we at first had to get off (Eva has no blame here, she is very silent, she doesn’t know where supermarkets are anyway).

The Rock

We park in a parking garage (you can drive in and out for free!!!!! It looks a bit like we are in  Cannes to me, but this makes the difference. Speaking of Cannes: see the part about stereotypes.)

In the shop I ask for ‘une boîte contre les fournis’, and an attendant brings me to it. I don’t dare to ask for a box against cats. (my love of cats prevented this, I am sure you can get something in France that will help)

My neighbours on the camping have paid everything with a Duch pin-card. At the cash point, my ING pin card and Visa card do not work, so I leave my wife (and get into town for some money. Before I return is) Lesson 2 learned: don’t trust plastic money!

After lunch we decide to go to the ‘musée des terre-nuevas et de la pêche’.

Last kiss: The sister takes the child through a special door for the orphanage

On our way down, we meet a cyclist, a brave German who is going to the western point of Normandy by back roads. His bike was fully loaded, front and back, with nice square bags with on top of the back a tent.

As he is sweating his way up, he asks us if we can speak French :) we do, but again his accent betrays his origin, and we complete our conversation as if we were Germans (my sweet revenge). Then -it is quite a busy lane- we meet the ‘Sind Sie Deutsch’ guy on his way up, and he invites us for Erdinger Alkoholfrei and expresso this evening.

After this encounters, the museum is but a nice waste of time. It is a nice local museum with a lot of models of ships and stories of how to catch herring.

There is a special exhibition of paintings.

pebbles on the beach
Two paintings strike me: the woman who brings her child away to the nuns,  and ‘bringing bad news’ (you must visit yourself for that one).

On our way back we walk the ‘beach’ and find out why lands with pebbely beaches need a promenade or a coastal boulevard to stroll. Have you ever seen women on heels on whatever beach?

In the evening we go for Erdinger an expresso and finally get properly introduced to Robert and Bianca. We sit and chat outside. But the weather is changing, a storm is coming. We move inside their winter tent when the rain (? this is no rain but a water rage, eau-rage, orage) hits us. We have a very nice evening, where Robert is telling us, like a true ambassador of the Saarland, how beautiful their country is. Well, this is a nice future holiday destination. cycling/etc world championship, tanzen, schiessen, jaarmarkt.

The thunderstorm comes in waves, we go home after the second wave to find the power is cut. (next morning it is fixed. Another lesson learned: have some tea-lights packed)

Wow what a day, and I haven’t told anything of the drunk souvenirs seller, and all the little discussions that make this day a good day.

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broader view on our place
broader view on our place
Fair weather
Fair weather
The Rock
The Rock
Last kiss: The sister takes the ch…
Last kiss: The sister takes the c…
pebbles on the beach
pebbles on the beach
photo by: tacco14