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typical breakfast @ Du Lac des Varennes: Newspaper, Bread and Jam. I prefer the smaller 'baguette a la tradition ancienne'

French bakers offer a lot of bread. Most are of the white kind.

You have the baguette style of bread, but that comes in 3 choises: the Flute (the smallest and thinnest) the Baguette (the middle one) and the Pain (pronounced pèèn, not pane, about twice as thick as the baguette)

We saw some other breads, and one of them, the baguette a l’ancienne is a bit darker and more compact than the long baguette. Or the baguette de tradition another baker made (from I think the same dough, though: ) we liked these kinds more for our breakfast.

Then there are the round breads. In the sentence: “Maman coup le pain” it is this kind of bread that is cut. They come from small to huge.

Then there are the luxury breads: the simple pistollettes, the croissants (they are a bit fat, but who cares on holidays) and the petit pains au chocolat (croissants filled with pure chocolate, in a special form, square and round) this holiday I found there is a ‘pain au chocolat’ that is bigger, but just as tasty.

In Holland we call the baguette ‘stokbrood’ (pronounced stòkbroad) but it comes in one size and is a little bigger than the original. In (the French speaking part of) Belgium they call the baguette ‘pain Français’. When they are on holidays in France, they order this bread, the boulanger always will say: “Mais monsieur, toutes mes pains sont des pains Françaises.”

The French like their bread fresh, and go out for it for every meal. They may visit the baker 3 times a day!!
huibdos says:
To get your fresh bread in the early sunshine, to have a walk over a camping that is still silent,
It is priceless
Posted on: May 23, 2010
Dr_Seuss says:
When I'm in France I basically live on paninis :D
Posted on: May 23, 2010
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typical breakfast @ Du Lac des Var…
typical breakfast @ Du Lac des Va…
photo by: huibdos