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After a good night sleep (long yeah, that was the only good to say about that) we decide on going to Versailles, the famous palace with gardens only 20 km away.

After a ride through the country -every road we took had road works going, so it took much to long- we found Versailles (Tom-Tom lead us well!!, but I put her off, because she wanted me to enter the centre, and we wanted to go to the chateau, but that was not to be found in her special destinations. You notice my Tom-Tom is a she: Eva’s voice brings me everywhere I want, and she can endure everything a wife can’t. Trust me, I’ve tried!

There is incredibly much police there. After one round around the castle, I think I have missed the entrance of the parking, and a simple 3 times to the right doesn’t work. So I ask Eva, but for the first time she is with me, she awakes annoyed and cannot find the right way. Nothing a good reset wouldn’t fix (told you, won’t work with your wife) and she brings me to the same place we were before. We won’t get fooled again, and turn in on the parking right behind an executive car and I’m blocked by an armed cop: Pardon monsieur, Versailles iz closed for zooday. The president has something to do, and we are not invited.

So we take our lunch, relaxing on a couch near the Seine and go back to the camping. 

There I finish my book and look for the next camping to go to: Blois, Tours or Orleans.

(to far to the west, and the return via Luxemburg can not be made, so Blois it would be: )

Then we take the awning (only the roof-tent) from the caravan and put it in the car.

The safe way of getting home with a dry tent is packing it the evening before departure. This time it has another reason. The camping houses a lot of semi wild cats. The females are pregnant and want to (and will if you leave your door open!) make a nest inside your caravan, thus infesting it with fleas (or lops). The males are spraying their territory. Our tent was sprayed. I have tried to clean it with water and detergent, but without luck, and I didn’t want another spraying by a competitor.

After dinner we walk around on the camping, and meet the camping inspector from the ASCI guide for this region.

He tells us he has been on a nice camping near a lake. (This is were I am writing this words! So no return via Luxemburg, we are thinking of Normandy now.)

After our walk we find we have new neighbours: Diana and Chris from New Zealand. They stopped by with their two daughters. When I asked them if their car was still outside, Chris says they are backpacking, they have no car.

I see the gigantic rugsacks on the floor. OMG, carrying those, walking all day! And yet they are so happy and so glad. ( I am glad too, but that is because a have a caravan and don’t need to carry all that luggage: )

They are going out to eat, we are going in to bed -the next day they are still sleeping when we leave, a pity, they are nice people I would have want to talk some more with-.

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photo by: diisha392