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An ass and a donkey

Musquitos must be renamed buzzkitos.

Yesterday I gave a guy a baguette, because he missed the baker, today I got one in return AND 2 croissants for thank you, an unexpected surprise.

It is a bit colder than other days, so for the very first time since Paris we eat inside. The croissants taste extra nice.

Today we must do some shopping first. When we come back it starts to drizzle, but the drizzling soon develops in a Normandy equivalent of Niagara falls. I take a picture to show an empty beach and promenade. After lunch, the sky clears and people return.

We visit the ‘Ecomusée de la pomme et du cidre’ in Bretteville du grand Caux, a village of 350 people :) but actually it is situated almost in the next village.

Special Normandic geese, with a feathery crown on their head  

The tour is in French, the farmer takes us through his farm to show the machines and explains the growing of apples and other interesting things that have to do with farming in common, but in Normandy in particular.

Of course we cannot understand everything, but that he is the farmer proved his first line:

“These trees were planted by my grandfather, those trees were planted by my father, and I will be planting and replacing trees for my children (because an average high stemmed apple tree starts producing after 12 years). After the tour that takes an hour, we get to taste the cider and other drinks. It is fresh, and exciting. It tastes so very different from the cider we drink in Scotland. It won’t replace my beer but I now understand the TB who only drinks cider. This is one excursion I recommend you to make!

Inside the caravan cooking goes well, outside two poor girls from Berlin can’t keep their stove lighted to cook water. Must be of the heavy winds.

After dinner we see rolling waves (at last). When we walk on the boulevard we get sprayed by salty water. Stormy weather gives some beautiful pictures, but our caravan is shaking whole night like it is on a bumpy road. Some of the tents are so flexible, the owners can’t sleep at all. (but we do as logs:)
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An ass and a donkey
An ass and a donkey
Special Normandic geese, with a fe…
Special Normandic geese, with a f…
I-AAAAA come to me. But the horses…
I-AAAAA come to me. But the horse…
A bit of wind changes everything
A bit of wind changes everything
Scum of the sea
Scum of the sea
What, no fishing today?
What, no fishing today?
Rain and wind: empty beach, empty …
Rain and wind: empty beach, empty…
photo by: huibdos