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Making a great travel through time history, culture, traditions, people and food.

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September 19th, 2007Madrid, Spain
September 20th, 2007Florence, Italy
September 25th, 2007Pisa, Italy
September 30th, 2007Venice, Italy
August 23rd, 2011Barcelona, Spain
August 25th, 2011Vatican City, Italy
August 25th, 2011Rome, Italy
August 25th, 2011Munich, Germany
August 25th, 2011Geneva, Switzerland
August 25th, 2011Lucerne, Switzerland
August 25th, 2011Lugano, Switzerland
August 25th, 2011Zurich, Switzerland
August 25th, 2011Paris, France
August 25th, 2011Berlin, Germany
August 25th, 2011Helsinki, Finland
August 26th, 2011Dresden, Germany
September 30th, 2011Venice, Italy