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View from 10th floor at the Rydges.

I didn't go to Canberra with much sightseeing planned as I was there to attend a wedding but I do feel like I was there long enough to pick up on what a warm, friendly vibe which the people and the surroundings emit. On my first day I had a mission: to buy bits and pieces for the wedding present I would give on behalf of my Mum, my brother and myself. I knew what I was to get which made the search far less frantic than it could have been! Instead of running around like a crazed shopper I was able to casually stroll the central business district (CBD*) and explore while I looked for our gift.

What I noticed first off was how lively the CBD was. It was nearing lunchtime and the many pleasant alfresco-style eateries were full up. I found this a nice change from home where people tend to eat on-the-run during lunch hours rather than sitting outdoors amongst friends/co-workers in a lively atmosphere. I also loved that there seemed so few cars driving around in the middle of the day. Canberra feels very calm at even its peak hours and there seems to be minimal amounts of traffic at any one time. As soon as the lunch rush finished, everyone disappeared from sight. It was as though there was an event on someplace else and I was the only one who hadn't heard about it. The quick turnaround from lively hub to ghost town was eerie!

Once I'd bought the wedding present (a crystal wine bucket, twin Vera Wang champagne glasses & bottle of Moet!) I made an appointment to have my nails done. I only wish I could remember the place where I went because the massage chair I sat on was FREAKIN GREAT! I'd only ever paid to have my nails done once before so I thought that would be the fun part of my day but mannnn, that chair = good!

After my appointment I lugged the wedding present back to my hotel. With the weight of what I was carrying added to the fact I'd forgotten which way I'd come and what the name of my hotel was, it took a lot longer than it probably should have. I passed that damned pretty horse carousel about five times. Note: Canberra shouldn't be that hard to navigate for your average bear but I have a way with complicating things. I eventually found my way back to the Rydges Lakeside hotel and proceeded to take a well earned nanna nap.

Upon waking from my not-so-delicate drooly slumber at about 8pm I decided it was time to get to business: food and partying.

My attempts at finding take-away was one of the most agonising things I've ever tried to do. That's the thing about Canberra. There are sooo many beautiful restaurants to dine-out at, but no quick take-away options. After A LOT of walking around, I found a take-away mexican food place, bought my dinner and went back to the hotel to eat in comfort & peace, away from it all. By the time I'd done all this I felt too full, exhausted and lazy to go out to the bars and clubs. I was a bit disappointed at my lame non-existent attempt at experiencing the nightlife but was sure I'd make up for it in the days to come. And so ended day one in Canberra!

* Do non-Aussies commonly use the acronym CBD? It always seems to be Americans who look at me funny when I say CBD.

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View from 10th floor at the Rydges.
View from 10th floor at the Rydges.
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