Papaya, mangos and Coca-Cola

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We finished the two holes in 112 early in the morning.  Around 7:20am, Scott took me to show me where we would be opening up our new holes.  The site is further down the main road and back into the thicket.  Op23 is a small platform group with two small structures.  It was test pitted about four years ago but nothing much was found.  Scott wants us to put four new holes in the ground.  Once I got back to the other site they had finished and we packed up and walked to the new one.  we set up two pits, both by metates, that didn't produce much.  Lisa finished one pit and got halfway throught the second and I just started on the second before it was time to pack up and go.  The workers have been so kind in sharing their food with us -- papaya, mangos, Coca Cola, offers of posole -- that Lisa and I went to the store and bought a bag of chips to share tomorrow.  I enjoy the workers and I think that we have a good rapport.  In the early evening, Lisa, Emily and I had to go back into the field to finish some profiles.  That way we can backfill the pits in the morning and continue forward.  Tonight was book club night.  We all read a chapter called "Stalking with Stories."  I enjoyed the article.  It discussed a specific type of story used among the Apache to maintain proper behaviour and how the stories are tied to particular places.  The discussion was good for the most part, but we ended up just talking about Chunchucmil.
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