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Back to the grind, I guess.  Today it was just Lisa and I working in our platform group.  We had four workers today -- Jose, Luis, Fernando and Roberto.  Jose and Fernando, the two oldest were working with me.  We finished the hole we began on Friday early.  The pit had only two levels and a depth of 40-50 cm before hitting bedrock.  The second level yealded about three kilos of ceramics. 

Because it was such a fruitiful area, I decided to open a second hole adjacent to it.  This second pit had nearly two kilos of ceramics in the first layer, but very little in the second.  It was nice to finally have a pit that yeilded something.  Lisa's massively deep pit had a number of ceramics also, which was surprising considering how rocky it was.  It went down a good 70-80 cm before hitting bedrock.  She opened another pit across the wall, but within the same albarata wall.  I was oping we would progress faster than we did, but I'm not sure how things could be sped up.  Lisa began profiling around noon, but was only able to get one done.  Tomorrow we will close the two new holes in the morning, backfill the one that has been profiled, profile the rst, backfill and open at least one more pit.  I haven't quite figured out how best to organize it.

In the afternoon I walked with Emily to buy beer and saw Fernando and Roberto on the corner.  It was nice to finally see some familiar faces out of work context.  I think I should try to walk around town more often so I feel less isolated in the house.  Unfortunately the hisses from the men still make me feel uncomfortable.

The town of Chunchucmil is very small, dispite the 1000 people who live in the area (I honestly don't know where they all are).  There are four stores in town, plus two beer houses (yes houses, where the preteen daughters bring you 40s when you knock on the door).  The stores sell little more than some pantry items and snacks.  There is also a woman who walks around selling produce with her two children in tow.  At the site, we make weekly trips to the large supermarkets in Merida to pick up our food for the week.  Even Maxcanu has only a handful of corner markets.  It does feel surprisingly civilized when we have our soda delievered every week.

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