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Polo Park Mall

Winnipeg Band Trip High School Day 3

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This is day 3 of our band trip in Winnipeg.

Today we get up this morning and 3 other guys from our class tell us about this good place for breakfast called the A - Ok Café near the Best Western Clarian Inn just down the street. The 4 of us decide to try this place for breakfast. It is a small place but more of a mom and pop type of deal. The owner seats us down at a table. The kitchen is right there and you can see the cook making everything. The place smells of bacon and eggs and toast. We order the main breakfast of eggs, bacon, toast and coffee. Breakfast of champions.

The food is very very good and one of the best meals I have ever had. During the time we are eating in the corner were two first nations men, we are eating and talking. Then a 3rdguy enters the place and sits with them. All of a sudden I look over the 3 guys are fighting. They toss the table over and all the food and plates go smashing around the restaurant. Soon toast and eggs are flying around in the room, too funny. The 2 guys are punching each other for no reason, as they were peacefully talking before and now they are fighting, too funny. Anyhow they stopped fighting and are asked to leave to which they do.

That was our breakfast adventure for the morning.

We regroup and we head off on the bus to a music store in the city. It is a popular store in the city and has all types of instruments and music pieces. We go in and play around with the electric guitars and pretend to be rockstars. It is more of a crazy waste of time, I think our teacher was trying make it an educational experience.

Anyhow, we leave here and go to Polo Park which is a big shopping centre. We spend a few hours here and walk around. I remember buying a T shirt of the Anaheim Mighty Ducks here, an NHL hockey team.

Buy a few music cassettes of Crash Test Dummies at the time.

Nothing else to report here, other then the mall, the mall was big and had lots of stores, just like any mall.

We leave here and go to the portage mall in other part of town. We go to the IMAX theatre here which is a great big movie screen, it is very neat. The movie is about sharks and its amazing. The visuals were great, like you are almost actually there. The music was good too and good documentary. If you ever get a chance go to an Imax theatre as its totally awesome.

From here I think we went back to hotel for another time in the pool once again, quite fun.

I don�t think we did much for rest of the evening in Winnipeg, as it is Winnipeg.

This evening we all go to bed and call it a night. This is another story.

Well during the night, I think someone in our class was missing or not in right room or something. Our teacher came crashing into our room at 2am to do a head count and seemed very angry. Then he was crashing into everyone�s rooms and doing head counts, funny.

Later on, about an hour later, I hear 2 men yelling and screaming out side our door. I look out the peak hole, I see our teacher and his son, yelling and screaming at each other.

They are saying about to calm down and are at each other throats. I hear his son yell � dad, its all in your head,calm down� . Our teacher says � Its not, its not, I raised you my son�.

Finally I think the hotel security guard came in there and by this time, the father and son were about to get into a fist fight, too funny. The guard was able to calm them all down. Its is quite the sight when your in high school and you see your teacher get into a domestic.

Anyhow, To tell you about the next morning. We go down to breakfast in restaurant as we decided to avoid the A-Ok Café. Our teacher and son and wife are eating together and look happy. Everything seems fine, he did mention about someone was in a room he wasn�t supposed to be in.

Anyhow we make it to bus and leave Winnipeg, back to Thunder Bay.

We stop in Dryden for Lunch at Macdonald�s and have a big mac and fries. The restaurant is full of young punks who are all wearing hankies on their heads. Must be some type of Dryden thingy, who knows, small town folk.

Anyhow we make it back to Thunder Bay, quite uneventful, and peaceful.

That was my adventure in grade 10 to Winnipeg for music. I hope you enjoy this little blog.

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Polo Park Mall
Polo Park Mall
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