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Winnipeg Jets

High School Trip to Winnipeg 2

2nd day. We all get up early this morning to go have breakfast. Breakfast today is down in the hotel eating place. Food was low quality and it was kinda expensive, I think we will try something different tomorrow. This morning is time for the music festival. We get into our fancy music festival marching clothes. And grab our instruments and head to the hall. The hall is just outside of hotel and we just walk in the cover, never have to go outside to get there.

In the hall, we all get setup and into our proper positions. The stress is building now, as this is the competition to end all competitions. The judges give the signal and we start playing.

I Think we played bout 3 different pieces of music. Overall I think we did a good job regardless. On this one.

Anyhow, it is now done and its time for all fun the rest of the weekend.

(the end result of the competition was another school won)

We take our uniforms and instruments and put them all away for the very last time. Thank god!

We board the bus and are taken to the Museum of Man and Nature. It is a major attraction in Winnipeg and is very good. The museum is full of history and very educational, the highlight here is the giant pirate ship that you can actually board, very neat. We spent a good solid 3 hours in this museum as our teacher would read every sign in the building. From here we make it to the Forks market. A big market place for of many good places to eat and shop.

There is a guitar player in the building, sorta begging for money, we all pitch in a penny to help him out. We walk around the open market and take in the nice smells that are being produced. We stop for lunch at one of the many restaurants nearby, whatever I ate , it was quite good.

Then on we visit the Capital Building of Manitoba. The Manitoba Legislature. It is quite an amazing building as we are giving a guided tour of this nice structure. Everyone is quite amazed at this building, however at same time kinda bored.

After our time period here we make it back to the hotel. We spend the rest of the afternoon in the pool area as it is very relaxing and fun to be in the water.

This evening we regroup and are going out for supper and then to a NHL hockey game tonight.

Capital of Manitoba
Winnipeg Jets (who don’t exist anymore) vs. Boston Bruins. Its going to be a good evening ,as this is my first NHL hockey game.

We head out on bus and arrive at this burger restaurant. I think it was the Burger Place on Portage Ave.

I describe the place, you walk in and stand in line and read the menu, then a person comes up to you and takes your order, they take your name then you go find your table. Then you are called to the counter on intercom, we used funny names, I think I used Homer Simpson. You get your burger which is plain then you go to a buffet style of table and basically make your own burger. You choose the toppings you want on your own burger. This was a cool place as it was quite retro and unique. It had many games in it as well from pin ball to arcades. Very neat.

Then onto the game, we go to the arena of the Winnipeg Jets, it no longer exists by the way.

Tonights game of hockey is between Winnipeg Jets and Boston Bruins. We get good seats about the top of the bottom level in the middle of the arena, good area. We are then abit rowdy and start yelling at all the people walking around. This is the time of being a teenager of course.

The game starts and being my first ever live hockey game, it is very exciting. There are a few fights during this game to which made it more worth watching. We were too young to drink beer so we resort to drinking soda for the game. I think the final score was Boston won the game, as Winnipeg was never good team to start off with. After game Is done we back to the bus and have to wait an hour to get back as not everyone made it back. We are missing Jen and Tanya, who have not arrived. Finally they come and it turned up they were signing autographs of Boston team, typical teenage girls.

Anyways we are all safe now and head back to the hotel. Its is lights out and to bed tonight.

Once again during the night, our teacher does a head count and we are all here.

Stayed tuned for next night.

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Winnipeg Jets
Winnipeg Jets
Capital of Manitoba
Capital of Manitoba
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