Our last day in Kyoto, and then a last minute change of plans

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So our itinerary called for us to wrap things up in Kyoto and to head off to Koya-san which is the buddhist monastery on top of Koya mountain.  This has definitely been on the highlight list of stuff that Kelsey wanted to do, but the best laid plans... you know the rest of the story.

We awoke to hear that on the 21st of each month in Kyoto there is a massive antiques/crafts market, and the garage sale lover in me could not resist, and surprisingly Jeff was willing to oblige.  We walk into a tourist's mecca- all of the incredible ceramics, kimonos, samaurai outfits etc. etc. that are legit, not touristy and at fantastic prices.  Once again, since those who are reading are potential recipients of the treasures that we found, we cannot divuldge our secrets.  Needless to say we spent close to 4 hours there and practical knocked all of the gifts off the list.  We returned to the hostel with probably around 30 pounds worth of stuff, and with two problems.  It was getting to be close to the afternoon, and we needed to get out of Kyoto because the trip to the mountains was around 2 and a half hours, and we were now completely overloaded and had to go to the post office.

After one last time at sushi ro with some of the friends that we met, and a ridiculously sad good-bye (Jimi, the hostel owner followed us into the street and almost into the cab, saying she didn't want us to leave, we were on our way to the post office.  After a ridiculous amount of cash spent to ship all of our goodies overseas, and probably about an hour and a half wrapping them and squeezing them into boxes and then finding an atm to get more money to cover the shipping cost! we arrive at the train station, only to find that there is no way we would be getting to Koya-san that night.  :(

So there we were, trying to find out what to do and where to go.  We didn't feel like we could stay in Kyoto, our good-bye had been so climatic that it would have been somehow inappropriate to show back up and say: Hi!  Just kidding!!!  So we decided on Kanazawa, a city on the coast of the  Sea of Japan, which was somewhat closer to our final destination, Takayama, which we had to get to the following day.  So off we went, and in 2 hours we arrived.

From the blog, it seems like a rather uneventful day, but it was quite thrilling for me, finding amazing kimono, legit samaurai pants and all sorts of other good stuff!!!

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photo by: ys484