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We left Bangkok and its edible bugs (sigh) and headed on an overnight bus to the south of Thailand.   Beach here we come!  The ride was fairly uneventful, except that Kelsey was finally struck low by the Indian food.  Go figure- eat Indian food in Thailand and you pay the price.  Luckily we had our bathroom emergency pack ready and stocked, and a supply of immodium to see me through the night.

We arrived at the dock at 5 am and had about an hour and a half lay-over before we got on the ferry to go to Koh Pha-ngan island.  We met a nice Indian girl who was travelling to the island for a ten day meditation retreat, and otherwise did nothing with her life....  We both wondered how she could afford to do that.  Maybe she worked at the fed for a while...

So as I (Kelsey) was climbing on to the boat, I suddenly remembered how sea-sick I get.  Unfortunately the weather was not looking good, and we had a four hour boat ride.  Uh oh....  To my own credit, I held out quite a while- maybe about an hour.  But when we were started hitting 15 foot swells, I decided the time had come to go to the back of the boat- to my doom.  It wasn't that bad.  A couple of minutes hanging over the side of the boat, and I felt much better.  Thank god I had nothing in my system- the previous nights battle with Indian food had assured that I would only throw up the water I had managed to sip down over the last hours.  Yes- we were getting near an island, I was saved.

Unfortunately, that was just the first island, we were the second.  I tried to sit back in the cabin with Jeff and Aparna, the Indian girl, but within 45 seconds, I rushed out.   This stretch of ocean was even rougher than before, and now it was raining.  Jeff told me later that they came over the intercom with suggestions about sea-sickness and had to pass out baggies, and about half of the boat was throwing up and the smell was atrocious...  however, I was oblivious to what was going on inside, for I was trapped in fifty minutes of the closest thing to hell that I have ever been through.  I had nothing left in my system, but that did not stop me from retching over the side close to 30 times.  The sea was so rough, that I could not go to the back of the boat which had been my savior before, but had to be on the back on the second floor, where huge waves crashed against me and I was soaked, shivering, holding on to a metal bench in between periods of having my head over the side of the boat to throw up the salt water that I had swallowed through my nose and mouth as it crashed in to me.  Hell could not have been embodied fuller.  Even the other people in the back who were there throwing up were feeling sorry for me and asking if they could get me anything.  I was that girl- so far gone that even the sick people pitied.  One bright note though, I cut my hair short before we left and I kept thinking as I was throwing up over the side how lucky I was to have made that decision...

Finally we got off the boat in the pouring rain.  I needed to sit down and settle my stomach, unfortunately the car from the hotel was there to bring us.  So into the cab, every inch of me soaked to the bone, for a 45 minute ride on unpaved pot-holed bumpy roads.  The entire time, I was wondering if I'd start throwing up again.  We finally get there, I can't even look around to see how beautiful the island and the resort are, immediately go take a shower and then passed out. Jeff laid down for a nap as well, and we slept for about 6 hours, not to wake up until dinner.
kels162164 says:
Happy to say that with a close to overdose amount of dramamine in my system, I survived the boat trip from Koh Phangan to Koh Samui in excellent shape- with a photo to prove it!!!
Posted on: Jul 19, 2009
sylviandavid says:
Oh My Goodness.... Your boat ride was the most dramatic pitious thing I have ever read... I read it out loud to David.... Being a fish feeder (read this as vomit-queen) myself I felt complete sympathy.... Sylvia
Posted on: Jul 18, 2009
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Koh Phangan
photo by: alanmica