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Yes, the iconic landmark.
The bridge is still there and the Tower bridge still being mistaken for London bridge. It's been a busy day for the police, some parts of the tourist spots were closed off for something or other. The sirens were going on for some time. But, that's London - everyone heads onwards to wherever they were heading to. This is the city which got blazed/blitzed big time in the middle of the last century, withstood some nasty bombing towards the last quarter. Hey, they would hardly flinch for anything less.

I went around for my favourite place - the museum of natural history. I had such a good time that I totally forgot to even take pictures ! I loved the rock / minerals collection and the fossils. I had to force myself to move along to get out in time before they locked me in.
Da Eye as it was then.

The city is very tourist friendly, stayed in town for 32 quid a night/ 2pax. You could stroll over to Kensington Gardens, watched a couple smooching for a while ( I was waiting to walk over to Notting Hill ) - the days of being young & infatuated. The markets are lovely to browse around and pick up small things for souvenirs.

Hampton, Kensington & Kew --- 3 palaces in one city. How convenient it can be ! Like to have ideas on how to furnish your future home ? IKEA too boring for you ? Yeah ! visit these places and let your boyfriend / fiance know just what you expect to see in a home. Waddaya mean you ain't even got hot water ? - bugger off !

Note to Pretentious Travbuddies group - we got to publish a home furnishing guide from photos inside these places.
I'm sure it was a lot more impressive before all the high rise buildings came to be.

Oh yes, how can one forget to be a bit of snob when in London ? Trot over to Harrods and get a little something just to show off at home. Only for the civilised, the barbarians wouldn't know a good thing if it hit them on the head. The tea towel too expensive ? get some cookies ! a carrier bag ! a sticker price tag ! Even the old ladies in the street asking for donations chided me for giving them a pound ! They wanted notes ! wow, they are snobs ! They could be collecting for personal use for all one knows.

Do watch a play or theater if you can spare the time & money. They have so many wonderful things going on. Grab the local free guides, or, the tourist info will always save the day when you are totally lost on what to do.

At the Tower of London, the ravens are really big when observed up close. Do not attempt to attract one ! Unless you want to be the star of day, then go ahead and there will photos circulating in Travbuddy of some unfortunate being torn to pieces. Bravo ! Encore !
globalodyssey says:
Posted on: Jul 09, 2009
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Yes, the iconic landmark.
Yes, the iconic landmark.
Da Eye as it was then.
Da Eye as it was then.
Im sure it was a lot more impress…
I'm sure it was a lot more impres…
The Thames River then.
The Thames River then.
Part of my attempt to take a panar…
Part of my attempt to take a pana…
The cleaning bill must be enormous…
The cleaning bill must be enormou…
Come On, you can recognise this on…
Come On, you can recognise this o…
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