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Castle Howard - ah, to have one of these when I retire.
York is a big place and I didn't have much time to see all the sights around. The weather ( oh, the English weather ) was scattered showers with thunderstorms. Yeah, except it kinda showered almost everywhere I went.
York city itself has the York Minster, you can't miss that huge cathedral thing in town. The Tower, overlooking the town/city.

Visited Castle Howard in the countryside of North Yorkshire. It is impressive once you can see the road leading towards the castle itself. Sorry, no pictures - hands on the wheel ! (Unlike somebody else I know - ;P ) It was drizzling during the early & end part of the visit thus limited my picture taking. The interior was something of a throwback to period movies - huge portraits ( glaring down at these tourists !) - 'what are my descendants doing ? , this is so undignified !', lots of heavy curtains and metalware.
The 4 Seasons Temple, no- it's not affiliated to the hotel group.

I love the sound of shoes on a wooden floor - not so much when at night in the gloom though. Add in a bit of lightning & thunder and you have the settings of a horror movie. I'm surprised that their beds are so small ( short ?), were people then only 5' 5" tall? But it certainly looked comfy enough on a cold day like this. No chance for me to slip under one & hide out ! Too many guides watching over us.

The gardens was lovely, that's the thing about pictures, it can't capture the wind blowing on your face. That somehow adds to the moment. Only you, who took the picture will feel that connection. Maybe professional photographers can - some travbuddies here are good at it.
The garden paths bring you along the lakeside and meander to the 4 Seasons Temple.
The Fountain is majestic in broad daylight. It does look creepy when the lights go down low. aka. The Haunting.
This is a very nice looking building/outhouse, I can just imagine the pagan rituals or (orgies) that might go just right with it. ( Sorry, that's not the official line - but come on, what would you be doing with such a fine place ? )

There's also lots of statues that line the pathway to the Temple. I would love a garden with stuff like that, not the flamingo statues ( that's too drug lord style ). You will come by a big fountain in the gardens too. Anybody remember the  movie ' The Haunting' ?, heh heh, let your bit of imagination do the work. The chilly weather certainly added to the mood.

Ah, Castle Howard - how I regret not taking more photos. Certainly gave me lots of ideas of how I would build my place when I finally become a retired despot / tyrant. (hey- I'm not saying the owners are), :D

globalodyssey says:
i hope you get to use your imagination in your work, whatever it is.
it certainly expands your universe
Posted on: Jul 08, 2009
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Castle Howard - ah, to have one of…
Castle Howard - ah, to have one o…
The 4 Seasons Temple, no- its not…
The 4 Seasons Temple, no- it's no…
The Fountain is majestic in broad …
The Fountain is majestic in broad…
I know, looking for me in photos i…
I know, looking for me in photos …
The Statues - nice touch.
The Statues - nice touch.
Thats about how close you should …
That's about how close you should…
Castle Howard
Castle Howard
Estate Gardens
Estate Gardens
Lakeside Views - mmmmmmm.........
Lakeside Views - mmmmmmm.........
Estate Lakeside
Estate Lakeside
photo by: HelenP