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A trip to India is not complete with out a trip to the taj majal.  Of course all 1.2 billion people living on the sub-continent seemed to agree.  Getting to the Taj from our hotel in Mathura, a trip of about 30 kilometers took about 2 hours.  The traffic was horrible, but there were many great sites to be seen!  The whole area around the Taj is a giant park, which is nice because the city around it was not the most serene place...  The walk fro the car dropoff point to the taj was nice and pleasant and hot.  not to many kids, just some guys in ricksaws trying to make a few extra bucks.  Then we arrived to the outergates of the Taj, where we were met by a huge line of indians waiting to get in.

  Some guy who was trying to get us to go to his store helped us push through to the foriegner line, next was security.... so you go through the old metal detectors and get groped by old indian guy, and you have arrived at the Taj. 

There we were met by a guy who was working for a store who gave us a quick tour on the outside, he pretneded to be a goverment sponcered tourist agent.... yea right!  We ditched him and headed to the Taj, and what a magnificant site it was.  Only problem was the it was packed with thousands of people, some of them kind of obnoxious.... come on indians, if your going all this way to see this site please show it a little respect. 

The inside of the taj was cool, you need to see it to believe it with all sorts of acoustic properties.

  Inside are these dudes with sticks and whistles who will give you a quick tour, negotiote the price first.  We got ripped off at 50 ruples but a british girl was being charged 500.  They push away the masses and help you get a look at everything. 

Leaving the taj was a mess.  First we went souviner shopping and then there was the walk back to the car.  A child approached oleg trying to sell stuff, and he actually talked back!  Then the kid summoned about 10 more sellers and they swarmed on poor oleg.  Oleg then payed them to leave, and they jumped on me.  I did not buy anything but this kid did throw a taj majal magnet at me when i entered the car, i promptly throwed it back. 

Guide to taj:  Get there early

Don't talk to little kids, ignore them

Sweat a lot.  The admissions fee includes a bottle of water... take it!

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me and taj
me and taj
oleg is sweaty
oleg is sweaty
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