The joys of being an american in india

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One of the best part of my job is being american, not because I am a conceded asshole who tries to push everyone around and take their oil, but because atleast in Panipat americans are still kind of revered.  This is shown when the cheif, who is a huge, crude, and obnoxious russian guy asks for anything... baically it takes weeks upon weeks with him whining constantly.  However when I ask for something its done right away, and with flying colours (ok colors!).  I can tell it annoys the hell out of him which makes it all the better;  he has been asking for another desk for weeks.  He was late today so I talked with the people and it got taken care of within ten minutes.  This would've been takencare of earlier, but the chief gets very upset when I don't do things directly through him or her... hahaha.  So the drawer on the shelf were locked, and they did not have a key.  The chief had a hissy fit and ran into the next room cursing, and huffing and puffing... so I ask Sonhu if he knows how to pick a lock.  He gets on the phone and I'm hoping some guy comes over with a paper clip or bobby pin.  Instead this dude shows up with a giant wrench and a chisel, so I'm like, sweet he's going to disable the lock.  Instead he spends the next thirty minutes beating the lock with the wrench until it finally opened the drawer up.  Now thats customer service!


And if anyone is curious whyt I don' t post photos anymore... well my camara is in chicago somewhere, so I've been using the camara on my phone, and I can't upload until I get back to the USA

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photo by: osgoodst