Day 7 - We don't have any souvenirs yet!

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So our final day in Mexico City came and it started like most of our other days in there...with us not hearing the alarm and sleeping way past the hour we wanted.  Today we were supposed to head towards Coyoacan to meet a former professor of mine and of course to buy some handcrafts and souvenirs for our friends (because they always expect something). Within an hour and a half everything was in out bags and we had checked out of the hotel, but leaving our bags there, because they were a little much to bring with us to the subway.

So we took the subway all the way to Coyoacan and it took maybe half an hour for us to get to our station, that apparently was still quite far from the center of main square at Coyoacan. On our way to the kiosk I received a text message from my professor letting me know that he wouldn't be able to make because he was waiting for the electrician to show up. Once we got there we found a place to have breakfast, it was really good, unfortunately I won't be able to write a review because I don't remember its name.

After breakfast we went back to the square and took some pictures of an old church, visited the kiosk, wandered around and found some good bookstores, if you want a book, coyoacan is the place to get it. We then headed towards the stand and small businesses to find our souvenirs, and of course we also had a look at the market and all the artcrafts they were selling. When we finally got everything, it was quite late and we walked back towards the subway station and headed back to the hotel for our bags.

When we got to the hotel, I realised it was late and that we might actually miss the last bus to the Toluca airport when Cuauhtemoc called me.  We had no option but to make the hotel call a taxi for us (this was our only rip-off in our whole time there) and it cost us maybe three times what a normal taxi would. It was a shame we did get ripped off but we where in a hurry, and since the hotel called the cab it was kind of a justified rip off. The cab left us at WTC where i met with Cuauhtemoc, said our goodbyes and he gave me a CD with the photos I'd lost from our time in France. Once in there we got just in time for the last bus for our flight.

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