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The second tour I got for us is one that takes you to Xochimilco early in the day and then after you go to the Ciudad Universitaria of UNAM (the best University in latinamerica). The day started started quite weirdly because they were kind of confused about where everyone was going and we had to change vehicles quite a few times before we actually got inside the correct one. I mention this because there was a brazilian guy that got really annoyed at started arguing angrily with the guys, but our tour guide managed to calm him down.

Our group was this time of only five people: a couple from Austin, a Brazilian journalist that was there to report on the Miss Universe contest and us. Our guide was actually very cool, because he knew a lot of everything and was very good at doing conversation with all of us.

He had lived in a lot of places in the US and been to quite a few places.

When we got to Xochimilco we got to ride on the trajineras for about an hour and it was really relaxing. Unlike us, there were quite a few people that were there to get wasted with a couple of bottles of tequile for the ride.

On Ciudad Universitaria we got an explanation for each of the murals and also part of the history for the university. I, being the only one (excluding the guide) that was born in Mexico and studied here all my life, had to guess what each of the dates in a mural stand for and actually did quite well as I guessed them all. We also got a small tour of the library and used the free time to look at the campus and take some more pictures of it.

On the night, we met with Javier and Cuauhtemoc (my friends from the semester I spent in France) and went to a starbucks that was near the hotel. We got a table outside so we could smoke and talked until the closed, that was near midnight. After that we wandered the streets and as we found nothing to do nearby we went back to the hotel for more cigarrettes and stayed in there talking and discussing stuff until around 2 a.m. when they had to go to their homes.

ekthor says:
Me imagino, lo que pasa es que Xochimilco si esta un poco inaccesible si no conoces la ciudad por que esta mas alla de la linea del metro. La verdad la mejor forma de conocerlo es llendo en un tour o algo asi.
Posted on: Aug 07, 2007
brendah27 says:
que coraje, lo unico que me falto en mis diez dias que estuve alli fue xochimilco.. :-(
Posted on: Aug 07, 2007
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