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Today...my niece would be meeting up with her tour group and I was looking forward to heading to the Museum in Docklands - alone.  I very much believe that museums are a personal experience.  Different people are moved by different exhibits and see museums at different paces.  I have found that the best museum experiences are done alone.  The sister of a friend had gone to the London - Sugar and Slavery exhibit and I had penciled this into my itinerary.  At the last minute, however, Jackie (my sister's friend) decided she wanted to go with me.  So we plotted our way to the museum and Angela plotted her way to the airport to drop of Ayanna.  We would meet up later.

  The Museum in Docklands is (Canary Wharf) an area of London I had never been to before, so that was pretty exciting.  We spent a couple hours looking in the exhibit.  It was very intriguing and from a completely different perspective.  I think that as a black American you have a certain frame of reference about slavery and its horrors.  The exhibit was interesting because it discussed how difficult it was for the British to care about ending their slavery in the Caribbean because they were removed from the inhumanity of it (as it was not on their land) they only saw the benefits (money).  Following the museum, we headed to a restaurant next door for food and drinks.  It was interesting that it was one o'clock in the afternoon and the patio at this place was overflowing with business people drinking beers.  It's odd to think that it is acceptable to drink during lunch hour.  The restaurant had great lunch deals too (essentially happy hour).  We hung out here for awhile so that Angela could join us.  Following lunch, Angela and I headed to the Kensington area just so she could see another side of town and Jackie headed to Oxford Street for shopping.  We met back up at the hotel at 7pm so we could head to our next hotel that was near the airport (Gatwick). 

Whirlwind London was coming to a close next up - Munich for five hours and then on to Salzburg!

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photo by: ulysses