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A bad sign - weather wise
 A nagging feeling came over me as I watched the beautiful scenery pass.  The weather looked oppressivley grey.  You know the type of grey that doesn't look like it is going anywhere soon.  I brushed that thought aside and watched the pretty albeit wet landscape.  We arrived in Salzburg and struggled endlessly to find the hotel that was located mere steps from the train station.  I tell you what, if I ever arrived at a train station and make it to my hotel without any issue I am going to do a cartwheel.  Finally, a kind man (actually he was more smitten with Jackie than kind) walked with us to the hotel that you had to have been blind not to find.  The set up was odd, we were in an annex across the street among businesses or something.
  But we opened the door...and the hotel room was large and gorgeous!!!  We needed to do laundry so we decided to use the less than pleasant weather as an excuse.  Just as we made it to the laundromat, Amber called.  Amber is our friend living in Italy that was coming to join us for the next 8 days.  I went and got her from the train station.   We probably looked like morons running towards each other, but I was very glad to see her.  We were all smiles as we headed to the hotel so she could drop her things, but what she really dropped was a bombshell.  She had checked the weather before leaving and we were in for some cold rainy weather for at least a week.  My heart was broken.  I mean you look so forward to a trip and then to find out that it is going to rain and be 40 degrees is sad.  I got over it quick (for now) Amber and I ate dinner and then later that night she, Jackie and myself took the 15 minute walk into downtown.  We tried to go to a bar, but it was too smoky for Amber and myself.  We then walked back to the hotel to get a goods night rest and hope that the morning would bring at least a glimpse of sunshine.
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A bad sign - weather wise
A bad sign - weather wise
photo by: travpro11