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Due to the bad weather, a trip to Halstatt was canceled.  It is supposed to be beautiful and scenic, but I don’t really feel up to it given the weather.  Instead we just catch a train straight to Vienna.  For this leg we have no train reservations, so there is room for this flexibility.  We are using an East European train pass that covers our travel for Austria, Hungary and Czech Republic.  As we get closer to Vienna my spirits start to echo the weather…which is dismal.  Weather is something you have no control over, but when you are planning a summer trip you rarely expect to be dealing with cold weather.

  However, by the time we pull into the Vienna train station we know that the oppressing gray clouds hovering are probably not going anywhere.  Luckily we were going to be staying at the Hilton thanks to Amber’s hook-up.  We experience several trial and errors trying to get to the hotel by train and then just take a taxi.  On a nice day the hotel probably looks nice, but everything is tainted by the gray of the skies.  The hotel sits on the banks of the Danube and has a wonderful outdoor area ��" that we won’t be experiencing.  We have two rooms in Vienna and Amber and I make ourselves some tea and watch tv we don't understand.  After a bit it is time to explore.  It is about 45 degrees with winds and rains…the kind of weather that makes you want to curl up in bed, but we’ve only got two days so.
  We discover a mall near the hotel which becomes the saving grace for Angela and Jackie.  Amber and I are on a tighter budget so we will have to make do with what we have.  Angela and Jackie purchase some warmer clothing options..  We then make our way into Old Town Vienna by St Stephens (Stephansdom) and wander the streets.  Vienna appears to be beautiful, but it’s hard to tell because really I just see my cold feet while I kept my head down to avoid the driving rain.  We managed to have some bits of joy discovering wonderful sweets shops.  We need these in the US…Small stores with nothing buy beautiful desserts and coffees.  Of course, I would probably be about 50 pounds heavier if these existed in the states like they do in Austria!  We stopped into another huge mall that had everything you could possibly want.  It was like one level was an electronics store, one level was a thrift store, and on…I contemplated buying rain boots because my feet were frozen and wet in my sandals, but space in my bag was at a premium and I was still holding out hope that this would be the last of the rain.  While we were out Jackie bought tickets to the symphony, but the three A’s decided to hang out at the hotel.  We spend our time just lounging and in the hotel hot tub.  I'm not going to write anything else about Vienna, because we literally did nothing else :( 

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